A Political Campaign Without Direct Mail

// Nov 7 //



Happy day after election day! I’m sure half of you are happy with the results and the other half, well, not so much. But I’m not here to open up a political debate or can of worms. Instead, I pose a challenge to future candidates – locally, statewide and nationally: Do away with direct mail.

The amount of paper used (wasted) over the past campaign cycle is just sad. It is a waste of money, resources and trees. I would applaud a candidate who would take the stance to not spend a dime on direct mail.

Instead, candidates should invest their dollars in digital, mobile and social. The shift to digital media is a significant one, with the Obama campaign blazing the trail. And while I appreciate those candidates who did incorporate QR codes on their direct mailers, the dollars spent on postage and paper isn't an ROI I can support.

With the 2012 presidential and congressional election costs exceeding $6 billion and reports that the presidential campaigns spent around $35 million on direct mail and telemarketing, we're talking huge dollars at play. And I can’t help but wonder, is a flyer really going to sway any of us one way or the other? I think not. However a more personal and targeted experience might...


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