Supra Footwear


In a highly competitive industry, SUPRA was looking for a balance between its own core values and an emotional space to rally around in the future. Born from the skate industry, the brand had courted major influencers, but the spectrum of personalities sporting the brand led to confusion about what the brand actually stood for.


We interviewed key stakeholders and brand enthusiasts with interests in fashion and style to skate and music: and the common thread was that they all lived and celebrated the “uncommon.” A new rallying cry was born: Outlaw Common. The framework launched at the International SUPRA Summit with a microsite that validated the brand to key audiences and tapped into an existing emotional equity in a powerful way.

SUPRA — White SkyTop Group
SUPRA Microsite — Style. Passion. Expression. Individuality.
SUPRA Microsite— Forward. Boldly. Follow Nothing.
SUPRA Microsite — Going Galactic.
SUPRA Black SkyTop Detail


International Motorcycle Show



Innovation Alliance