Why You Should Consider Twitter Advertising

Jhed Flores // Jan 16 // Insights



For small to medium-sized businesses, carving out money for social media marketing can be scary. But what if you had the opportunity to talk to your customers on a platform where they are already spending time? I’m talking about Twitter.

With over 241 million monthly active users, and 500 million Tweets sent everyday, Twitter is a global phenomenon that has changed the way brands interact with their consumers online.

If you have some budget, try using Twitter advertising. It is a great digital marketing channel that allows you to communicate to a huge targeted audience. Still on the fence? Let me break it down for you.

What Works

One of the features that works really well is Twitter Cards. Cards have a unique presentation that stands out in a Twitter feed especially for users who follow hundreds of different handles. Twitter cards can increase your chances of conversion by having more real estate in users’ feeds with a huge call-to-action.

Twitter Cards are simple, easy to setup, and make it easier to gain conversions. Instead of sending people to landing pages to sign up for newsletters, we have found success in using the Lead Gen Cards that allow a one click sign up.

What Doesn’t Work

Not having a strategy. Like all marketing channels, it’s important to have a strategy in place with a target audience in mind. Twitter Ads will not be as effective if you don’t take the time to research Twitter influencers and different topics of interest.

What I Like

Twitter Ads are great for exposure and brand awareness. It’s easy to connect your business to what people are talking about in real-time. You can reach users through multiple targeting options from keywords to usernames and spread your message at a low cost.

Compared to Facebook Ads, setting up campaigns are easy. Twitter has an easier process that allows small- to medium-sized businesses to get started quickly.

What I Don’t Like

Twitter has a short list of call-to-action buttons such as “Read More” or “Shop Now.” Advertisers or businesses are limited as to what you can choose. Obviously, you can change the copy in the tweet but with a limited character count of 140, it would be more beneficial to have the ability to customize the CTA buttons.

Another issue I have with Twitter Ads is that once you add a tweet to a campaign, you can’t edit it if you find a typo or a missing word. Even if it wasn’t made public or live, you have to redo the whole ad. Why Twitter? Why?!?

Pro Tip

Whether it is in a Sponsored Tweet or a Twitter Card, eye-catching images are essential to increasing clicks. We have run a/b tests comparing image versus no image tweets and saw higher engagement rates with vivid images.
Whether you are trying to increase your newsletter sign ups or drive traffic to your homepage, Twitter advertising is a great way for brands to connect with their customers in an engaging environment, based on their web-wide browsing behavior and interests.

Let us know what you think about Twitter advertising in the comments below!


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