The Importance of Images in Social Media

Carrie // Oct 13 // Insights



At this year's Social Fresh Conference there was a ton of great and helpful information shared by the speakers.

Social Fresh Conference

The following are a handful of the reminders and tips I picked up relating to the importance of images in social media.

Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post ('12).

We are a visual consuming society. Smartphones and the thousands of photo apps out there are making it easier than ever for us to create great visuals from our phones.

Here are seven apps Sarah Evans loves for creating great visuals from the phone:

  • Phonto
  • Over
  • News Booth
  • Whims
  • Phoster
  • VSCOcam
  • Screenshot

People love quotes, questions and quips - or what Sarah refers to as the triple threat. Decorate your images with them and people will eat them up.

Cue people to go online and engage with your brand.

I cannot tell you how many restaurants I visit where I'm a captive audience and all they list are the social icons, but they don’t tell me their handle or address. Don’t make people work to engage with you!

  • Always let people know your address or handle by putting it where they’ll see it: on the door, table tops, collateral, billboards, ads, menus, etc.
  • Think of calls to action and how to make them a touch point

With more than 350 million photos uploaded each day to Facebook, you have to make it easy for your fans. During his presentation on "Social Media Is Your Mobile Strategy," Tim Hayden had everyone in the room nodding their heads and taking notes. Tips from Tim included:

  • Right sizing images so they are rectangle not squares
  • Don't expect or ask people to click on your images to see them
  • Link directly to the action that a social post implies, don’t make users do multiple clicks

Attach your content to trending hashtags.

Tim also spent some time talking about hashtags. They have gained wide acceptance and use in the past year, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Assimilate with what people are already using for your location or product. You also don’t necessarily have to create branded hashtags. Here are a few hashtags to consider:

  • #Instagood
  • #Tnt
  • #Photooftheday
  • #Instamood
  • #Picoftheday
  • #Igers
  • #Latergram
  • #Nofilter

Just as you define your brand tone and personality for social, you should define your photo style. Sarah encourages brands to define their style with something as easy as how they filter pictures.


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