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When I say the term “Publicist”, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Is it Samantha Jones and her printed Missioni power suits, or is it DKNY PR Girl decked head-to-toe in a chic all-black ensemble? I hate to be the bearer of dashed dreams – but PR is not all parties and red carpets and blowouts and free clothes and stereotypically chic uniforms. So let’s hit the delete button and rethink the publicist’s dress code – power heels and statement sweatpants included. PR Girls have to dress for literally anything that comes their way. I often find myself elbow deep in Mod Podge and glitter in the morning, then going to an afternoon client meeting and off to a trendy networking event in the afterhours. All in a day’s work, and you’d better believe the work never really stops. So how do real PR girls dress when they’re expected to traipse around Los Angeles dropping off pineapples to media while looking presentable in the process? We’ve put together a list of essential fashion items our i.d.e.a. PR Girls can’t live without.

Go-To Blazer: Bouncing from brainstorm session to new business proposal meeting, your blazer handles your 9-to-5 like the champ it really is. Invest in a piece that’s sure to last – look for structured shoulders, lining, complimentary buttons and a slim fit. But be warned – there’s no telling how much ass-kicking you’ll be capable of with this work wardrobe staple.

Chic and Fashionable Flats: The love-hate relationship with flats continues even in the office. While the comfort and mobility they offer is incomparable, there is nothing sophisticated or powerful about them. To make your flats client interfacing appropriate, give them some pizzazz with bright colors and stylish elements.

Classic Watch: Truly timeless, the watch exudes professionalism and proficiency. No one who ever wore a watch was late to a meeting or gave a disorganized presentation. Watches mean business, and a classic timepiece is the best way to show the business world that you’ve arrived.

Sophisticated Heels: You’ve been up since 5am at a live shot for a client, only to come into the office to put in a full day when suddenly it dawns on you – you’ve got a black tie gala until midnight that entails you manning the media line. Good thing you keep those trusty heels in your desk drawer! PR Girls need to be ready for anything – so while they may rock their Rainbows behind their desk, they know to be ready at a moments notice with heels that are classic, comfortable(ish) and totally fabulous. Some general rules for fabulous work-wear heels: patent is always the best option, large platforms only belong in nightclubs and no matter what, make sure your heels are clean and well kept. It’s the little things that will get you further in life.

Statement Necklace: Nothing jazzes up a white tee and jeans like some neck bling. The bright lipstick of our generation, a statement necklace offers unlimited potential against a blank canvas. Throw one on and go, it’s your time to shine, from launch parties all the way to status meetings.

Workhorse Workbag: Your workday mainstay, the perfect handbag/briefcase/messenger bag/satchel/whatever transcends and extends to make you the most badass PR Girl west of the Mississippi. No need for labels or designer brands – invest in a classic shape that fits with your working lifestyle and will hold all your must-have essentials.

Get ready to conquer the world PR Girls. At i.d.e.a., we know success starts when you’re prepped and rearing to go. Armed with your PR fashion essentials, there’s nothing stopping you too from rising to the top.


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