Facebook Hashtags: What Brands Need to Know

Stephanie Garcia // Jun 19 // Insights



Last week Facebook introduced hashtags to enable users to follow and join conversations about public events, people and topics on a much larger scale.

The user experience is similar to clicking on a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, if you click on a hashtag conversations related to that specific topic are displayed. Another way to follow a hashtag is by simply doing a search on Facebook Graph Search. It's important to know that not all conversations will be displayed as some Facebook users may opt to keep their hashtagged updates private. As of today clicking or searching for hashtags only works on desktops and not on mobile devices. Now that you have a basic understanding of how hashtags function on Facebook, here are a few tips your brand should know before jumping in.

What Brands Need to Know About Facebook Hashtags

Hashtagged content shared from other services work on Facebook but results vary by platform. For brands that incorporate hashtags in the content they publish on sites like Instagram and then cross-promote on Facebook, fans clicking the hashtag on Facebook will only be able to view conversations shared on Facebook. That means, results for Instagram and Facebook are separate from one another. If that fact doesn't give your Web Analytics team a headache, read the next paragraph. Facebook Insights does not include hashtag results. While hashtags can extend the reach of your content, hashtag data isn't available on Facebook Insights. So if you're curious about how many Facebook Fans are using your hashtag and other metrics such as impressions, clicks and reach; unfortunately, that information is unavailable (hopefully, not for long). But there is some good news... You can monitor Facebook Hashtag feeds. If you've invested in a buzz monitoring tool such as Sysomos, you can see how many people and how many conversations included your hashtag.

If you don't have a buzz monitoring tool, then you will most likely have to monitor the hashtag feed by checking it manually. How do you do that? Read on... Facebook hashtags have a unique URL. As I mentioned earlier, hashtag results are displayed in a modal window that has its own unique URL and features a box for status updates at the top. Brands can take advantage of this feature by driving users to that URL to spark more conversation.

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