A Donation Request Solution That Works

Indra Gardiner Bowers // Oct 29 // Insights



A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the annual B Corp Champions Retreat in Burlington Vermont. Not only did I get to see some fall color (something we sadly lack in San Diego) but I met some terrific people, doing smart things that prove business can be used as a force for good. One of those people was Amy Kauffman, the founder of Givily. Intriguing name, right? Givily is an online platform that helps companies manage donation requests for both product donations and sponsorships.

Amy visited our office recently and spent some time with us explaining what Givily does and her vision. For those who have to manage the weekly onslaught of donation and sponsorship requests this is a solution to their woes. It provides an organized process for the request, with all the questions a company needs answered in order to make a sound decision and a method for tracking fulfillment, capitalizing on the marketing opportunities (including audience insight), positive and negative response mechanism, and data tracking for reporting. It simplifies something that should be simple but isn't and takes some of the agony out of making giving decisions.

In their own words "Givily believes when organizations give intelligently of their resources they will change the world. To that end, Givily helps organizations give intelligently." To see it in action, head over to Honest Tea, one of Givily's first partners. It's a brilliant solution that I think will become a standard for smart companies.


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