10 reasons to attend Social Fresh WEST

Rob McGee // Oct 15 // Insights



When it comes to attending Social Fresh WEST, you probably don’t need much, if any, convincing – we just felt like throwing out some of the perks that come along with attending this amazing conference.

Reason #1

If you live in San Diego, you already know. For those that aren’t so lucky, may we present the following weather chart:

Reason #2

Amazing people speak at Social Fresh WEST. This year is no different.

  • Peter Shankman – PR expert, investor, and author of the influential blog shankman.com
  • Eleni Tavantzis – Social and Digital Communications Lead at Lilly Pulitzer
  • Josh Martin – Director of Digital and Social Media at Arby’s and wearer of the iconic hat
  • Laura Kimball – Global Social Media and Community Manager for HTC

That’s not all, 10 more internationally recognized new media thought leaders will be sharing tips, tricks, and strategies covering many different disciplines.

Reason #3

Networking. Networking. Networking. You’re not going to find a better crew of small business owners, agency folk, and Fortune 500 brand teams to interact with on this side of the Mississippi. Make sure you bring your mingling shoes.  

SocialFresh Attendees:

Reason #4

The biggest names in social media vouch for Social Fresh.

Reason #5

Social Fresh is a single track with highly focused, less-than-30-minute sessions—staying concentrated on pure, smart, and useful content.

What does this mean for you? You stay attentive, retain more information and bring more knowledge back to your team.

Reason #6

Refresh your creativity.

Sometimes creative juices inexplicably run dry. Coming to Social Fresh WEST will introduce you to information that will ignite your imagination - probably resulting in the next big thing in social media marketing.

Reason #7

One. Key. Insight.

That’s all it takes—just one key insight. One key insight for you to make one small change in your marketing plan, to make one small change in your online community management tactics which can make one colossal impact.

At Social Fresh WEST, you’ll be presented with dozens of key insights. If one key insight can pack that wallop, imagine what twelve can do!

Reason #8

New technology that will help make your social media more successful.

Social Fresh speakers will show you all the best and upcoming social media tools, and how they can positively impact your social marketing. Who doesn’t want better tools?

Reason #9

You’re a social media expert. Or not.

Social Fresh is for everyone, whether you’re a marketer, student, CEO or small business owner—everyone attends the conference to learn more about how they can use social media to build their business.

Reason #10

#10 is 10% off your Social Fresh WEST ticket.

Simply enter the promo code “idea10” during checkout. Go here for more information on pricing: http://www.socialfreshconference.com


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