The Fairytale of Advertising

James White // Apr 1 // Culture



We are storytellers and problem slayers.
Our stories bring life and love to brands that need elevating, and our strategy and ideas, slay problems that our Brand Partners are experiencing.

But when you think about it, who plays the role of the characters in the agency fairytale?

Is the Client the fair maiden in distress or the fire-breathing dragon?
Is the Consumer the all-consuming dragon or the Kingdom waiting for salvation?
Is the Agency the knight or the steed, the sword or the courage?

In traditional fables, the Dragon reeks havoc and chaos; fire-breathing, monstrous, and destructive.

George, is the knight in shining armor that provides protection and solitude to the Kingdom; steed at his ready, sword at hand and courage coursing through his viens.

And the fair maiden? Lost, in a dark scary forest, imprisoned in an isolated castle's tower or just longing to be saved by her knight from the grips of two hideous and over-bearing step-sisters?

Regardless of who currently plays the different roles in the ever changing dynamic of the agency-consumer-client-relationship, we honestly have the chance to write our own fairytale, one where there are no devilish dragons or damsels in distress. No knights, saving the day.

If we understand and respect each other, we can collaboratively slay problems together and have fun doing it.

That's what we do at i.d.e.a.!

Images lovingly referenced from: THE RELUCTANT DRAGON, Kenneth Grahame, Author, Robert D. San Souci, Retold by, John Segal, Illustrator , illus. by John Segal. Scholastic/Orchard


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