So, we had this idea...

What if we could build a progressive creative business not solely purposed around solving problems, but around creating new opportunities for our brand partners?

One that fundamentally believes in servicing our ultimate client; the consumer. A business that brands, entertains and moves people, products and culture. That place now exists in, of all places, San Diego.

That's the idea behind i.d.e.a.

A fuller full-service than most.

We're filled with smart people from all over the place, with all sorts of rich and different experiences. Probably like a lot of places.

But when we say smart, it's really less about high IQ's and more about high EQ's. Figuring out what makes people tick makes us tick and keeps us shining.

Lots of bright bulbs.



Jonathan Bailey

Founder / Chief Relationships Officer

Jonathan Bailey has nearly 30 years of direct experience in the communications industry. Jon is a student of human behavior, and loves linking his odd perceptions with real-life brand situations. Jon also enjoys organic farming and keeps a menagerie that includes a dog, chickens, fish, crawdads and soon a gecko. Prior to i.d.e.a., Jon was co-founder of public relations firm Bailey Gardiner.
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Ryan Berman

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

If you studied the campaigns Ryan had created during his years in NYC, you'd think he'd had a fixation with the letter 'J'. This includes campaigns for Jared Fogle (Subway), John Stamos, Jaime Pressly and John Madden. 15 years later, he has helped solve problems for Aetna, Autism Society of America, Bumble Bee, PUMA, Ringling Brothers, Schering Plough and UNICEF. Prior to i.d.e.a., Ryan was the founder and chief creative officer of Fishtank. Full Bio »

Indra Gardiner Bowers

Founder / Chief Influence Officer

For more than 20 years, Indra has led her clients in the fields of public relations, social media and experiential marketing. A strategist, writer, editor, PR and social media pro. Indra enjoys sharing her knowledge out on the speaker's circuit. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time in her kitchen baking. Prior to i.d.e.a., Indra was co-founder of public relations firm Bailey Gardiner. Full Bio »

Light Bulb


James White

VP / Brand Management

From across-the-pond to, now, San Diego, James has over 15 years of fully integrated experience on both agency and blue-chip brands. A strategic brand director and relationship builder, James is an energetic advocate for the best talent, the best ideas and the best cross-functional process to drive client results. A former pilot for the RAF and pro rugby player, James is not a dull boy. Chocks away! Full Bio »

Carrie Jones

VP / Director of Reputation

Throughout her career, Carrie has developed tremendous relationships with clients, media and key influencers. She loves getting awesome results, happy clients, motivating her team and keeping tabs on the ever-evolving PR/social/marketing world.
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Mike Fennessy

VP / Creative Experience

With 17 years of experience in designing visual communications, Mike has left his creative mark on everything from logos, packaging, online design, print, collateral and broadcast graphics. If it’s design related, chances are he has a wealth of experience with it. Full Bio »

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Sterling Doak

Director / Consumer Behavior

Sterling is a 10 year industry veteran, former agency principal and third generation Ad guy responsible for consumer experience and brand development for all i.d.e.a. brand partners. Sterling has also been instrumental in maintaining the relationship and running the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey and PUMA Golf accounts. Full Bio »

Jay Drummond

Director / Media

Jay has over 20 years of developing effective communication plans for a vast array of national accounts including Acura, Fruit of the Loom, P&G and Sizzler. Looking through the lens of don't just place media but create media, Jay believes any challenge can be tackled through a holistic, innovative perspective. A consummate strategist, he is a big-time history buff with a war room stocked in WWII literature.

Ryan Thompson

Brand Director

Ryan loves to exercise his brain as much as he does his body when training for marathons. That drive to set a goal, achieve it and then do it better the next time bleeds into his brand management work. Sure, Ryan is a San Diego native. But he learned the business at Havas in San Francisco – part of his 10 plus years in the business. Don't let his blond hair, surfing and big smile fool you. He works tirelessly for the greater good of his brand partners and internal team. He is always willing to collaborate, have healthy discourse and make the best end product possible. After all, it's a marathon out there.

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Gary Ware

Director / Digital Experience

'Results' is Gary Ware's middle name. With over 10 years of professional online marketing experience, Gary has provided his digital expertise to clients such as Mitsubishi, BlackBerry, and Urban Outfitters. On top of his ability to achieve digital marketing nirvana, Gary is also in a local improv troupe; he's good at thinking on his feet. Full Bio »

Stephanie Garcia

Social / Reputation Strategist

Stephanie understands how to help brands 'hand over the keys' in social media to brand ambassadors and influencers. For the last 6 years, she has done so by fusing creativity with her background in psychology. Driven by innovation in digital marketing, Stephanie has a proven track record for constructing appropriate social media and search programs for her brand partners. Among Stephanie's many passions, hiking is at the top. Full Bio »