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Magazines Circulation Down But Not Out

// August 28, 2013 // Advertising, Digital, Our Thinking // Comments Off

Print has been labeled a dying medium. Newspapers seem to be closing down daily and look what happened to my Dad’s favorite magazine—after 79 years, Newsweek is no longer even in print. Taking a closer look at the magazine industry, dark clouds can be seen gathering. Given the release of the latest magazine circulation information, the news doesn’t appear to be much brighter. Are Magazines Still a Viable Medium? According to Alliance for Audited Media, magazine circulation for the 401 …

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Creative Copywriting Tips

The Canny Craft of Copywriters: Concocting Calculated and Cunning Creative Copy

// August 15, 2013 // Advertising // 1 Comment

A few months back, I wrote a post about how to get a job in advertising. Hot Tub Time Machine forward and here you are successfully trailblazing your own course inside some agency (Congratulations! They’re lucky to have you!). Now that you’re in, it’s time to talk about making the leap into the creative department and succeed as a copywriter. Or, if you’re already departmentalized, here’s some free counsel on how to become a stronger, more conceptual creative Jedi master. 10: Treat …

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Aircheck: How to Land TV News Coverage

// August 15, 2013 // Public Relations // Comments Off

The growth of social media may be getting all the headlines these days, but TV news is still big business. The morning show wars between NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” have never been more intense, and according to the New York Times, the evening news broadcasts are now following suit. Television coverage is a great tool to increase awareness and visibility, and provides a valued third-party endorsement. TV hits help create great video content for brands that can be …

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How Brands Are Using Game Mechanics to Drive Customer Loyalty

// August 8, 2013 // Digital, Our Thinking, Social Media // 2 Comments

A criterion for successful businesses is getting and keeping the attention of customers and employees. Unfortunately, in a world of extreme multi-taskers and shrinking attention spans, capturing attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Microsoft Research found that the average website visitor decides in 10 seconds or less whether or not they’re going to stay on a site. And if your site makes it past 30 seconds, you’re lucky to get two more minutes of their undivided attention. CBS News reported that …

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How To Name A Product Or Brand

// August 6, 2013 // Advertising, Branding, Experiential, Our Thinking // 1 Comment

One of the best parts of starting a business or inventing a product is deciding what you’re going to call it. Just like the pending arrival of a wee babe, or the adoption of a too-cute-for-words puppy, coming up with the right name is lots of fun mixed with lots of research. In this post, I’ll share an often-used technique for brainstorming and building a list of potential names for your products and/or brand. What It Is And What It …

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Sometimes it takes treats to have a unified strategy with SEO, Social, & PR

How To Accelerate Your SEO By Making Friends With PR and Social

// August 2, 2013 // Digital, Public Relations, Social Media // Comments Off

As mentioned in my last post on the evolution of SEO, Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have made it harder for brands to be successful in the search landscape if they are practicing SEO in a vacuum. In addition to creating content that is aligned to your target keywords, the content itself needs to engage the reader and encourage them to share. This is a BIG contrast to a majority of SEO content I have seen over the years that …

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Did the DVR Kill the Television Star?

// July 31, 2013 // Advertising // Comments Off

The DVR was predicted to revolutionize the television world but did it? In 2005, back in the Stone Age when industry publications were actually printed, I wrote an article for Mediaweek. In the article I predicted that even though DVR’s were starting to gain traction, they would not dramatically change the way television was watched or purchased. I figured it was time to reassess this prediction based on the altered media world we all live in now. The DVR Threat The …

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Public Relations/Social Media Interns Wanted (Fall 2013)

// July 26, 2013 // Careers, Public Relations, Social Media // Comments Off

We are looking for two fall interns to support our Reputation team with public relations and social media experience. Here’s our list of must haves: A communications, journalism or English major in progress – the internship must count toward class credit Outstanding verbal and written communications skills Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, energetic, highly creative setting An enthusiasm for and experience with social media A positive attitude and excitement to learn new skills Previous PR/media experience preferred Here’s what you’ll get …

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Boring Conference Panels

Three Ways to Make Conference Panels Better

// July 24, 2013 // Our Thinking // Comments Off

How many panels have you attended over the past few years of conference attendance? A bunch, right? And how many were any good? In my experience, panels tend to drift and don’t provide a whole of meat for your money. I have attended panels packed with so called “rock stars” that truly sucked. No focus, no great stories. Just a waste of time. I have participated on panels, moderated panels and listened to panels. Here are my three big takeaways …

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Hiring a Web Developer

// July 16, 2013 // Careers // Comments Off

We are currently looking to a hire a Web Developer to join the i.d.e.a. team. We need a computer whiz fluent in javascript, HTML and CSS who can get creative with front end web development. Check out the list of qualifications below to see if you would be a fit for this fun and creative communications team! You have the experience and ability to… Handle pressure and work well with different personalities, especially when it comes to clients Be professional, …

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