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Digital Marketing Trends

3 Trends that Every Digital Marketer Needs to Focus on in 2014

// February 21, 2014 // Digital // 4 Comments

The digital landscape is changing so rapidly it seems like every month there is a new strategy or technique popping up that takes the world by storm and totally changes the landscape. Here are three trends that I feel are here to stay. I think every digital marketer needs to focus on these strategies as they will have major impacts on business results. Growing Proprietary Audiences  “The audience is not brought to you or given to you, it’s something that …

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Rise of Animated GIFs

The Rise of Animated GIFs in Social

// February 18, 2014 // Social Media // 1 Comment

Popular social networks such as Reddit and Tumblr have supported animated GIFs for a long time but it wasn’t until the past couple of years that animated GIFs experienced a surge in popularity among both casual and seasoned users of social media and the Internet as a whole. With popular sites like Buzzfeed using GIFs in most of its viral content and Pinterest’s recent announcement of its support of animated GIFs, it is apparent that these animated pictures have become …

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Ryan Berman Weight Lifting Props

Comedy on a Commercial Production

// February 13, 2014 // Advertising // Comments Off

QUESTION #1: When are copywriters happy? ANSWER #1: When they’re on set. QUESTION #2: When are copywriters happiest? ANSWER #2: When they’re on a comedy set. We’ve spent the last week ambitiously working to unveil Harrah’s amazing new resort while also baking in a little ‘problem-solution’ comedy. I can’t talk too much more about the campaign at this time, but it did make me think about how we creatively maximize humor – for the sake of a higher purpose – in …

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Football Player On The Football Field

Super Bowl Ads Make a Play for Brand Purpose

// February 5, 2014 // Advertising, Branding, Culture, Our Thinking, Public Relations // Comments Off

For brand types like me, the worst part of Sunday’s Super Bowl was the disappointing TV commercials. Not only did they fail to impress, they lacked the kind of Brand Purpose we’ve seen in recent years. What’s Brand Purpose? Making a Better World When your brand promise is about making the world better, it’s called Brand Purpose. Chipotle is a great example of a company that infuses its “Food With Integrity” purpose into its brand. The company kicked off its …

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Top 6 Things to Watch for during Super Bowl Week

// January 31, 2014 // Public Relations, Social Media // Comments Off

With my background in sports PR, I always look forward to the Big Game. I was fortunate to work at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa and have huge appreciation for the scale of the game and what it takes for brands to stand out amongst the scrum. There are many captivating story lines going into Sunday – the commercials, the weather, Richard Sherman, the Velveeta shortage. What will live up to the hype and what brands, large and small, will …

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Now Hiring Post It Note

Join Our Team As A Full-Time Brand Manager

// January 29, 2014 // Careers // Comments Off

i.d.e.a. is one of the fastest growing, full-media agencies in San Diego, CA. We’re a fast-paced shop with great clients looking for just the right person to fill our full-time position of Brand Manager or Sr. Brand Manager (depending on experience). Full-Time Brand Manager Opportunity If you have strong client relationship experience on a regional and national level (with the portfolio to prove it), and if the following list sums up what you bring to the table, then clearly you’re …

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Bearded Man

Blogging From The Set: 5 Things To Nail When It Comes to Production

// January 24, 2014 // Advertising // Comments Off

We’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last few days shooting a couple of spots for ecoATM. If you don’t know ecoATM, you should. ecoATM is a kiosk company found at malls all across America. Not only do they give you instant cash for your unwanted electronics (yes, it reads and analyzes your phone/tablet/mp3 player in real-time) but they were put on this earth first and foremost to do good; which is minimizing eWaste. We’re shooting with the guys from APictures …

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We Want You

The Search For A Digital Media Intern!

// January 7, 2014 // Digital // Comments Off

We are on the hunt for one lucky intern to support our Digital Team. As an integrated marketing company, i.d.e.a. takes pride in our unique and creative culture. We are offering an opportunity to work with an awesome staff and client list. What You Will Do: Manage and update vendor and rep contact lists Assist with media traffic instructions Approve and maintain media makegoods in system Assist with the media placement process Performance based optimization of media campaigns Assisting with …

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Typing On A Plane

How to Type On A Plane One-Handed

// December 20, 2013 // Culture // Comments Off

[Reminder: One-handed typing makes for lots of typos.] I’m way behind in my blogging duties here at i.d.e.a. Trying to catch up on some writing during a work trip to the east coast. Problem is, my boss—the gruff-voiced, golden-hearted Ryan Berman—is seated in the middle seat, right betwixt new Brand dude, Sean Connacher, and me. Therefore, Berman gets both armrests (I agree that’s fair whether you’re sitting next to your boss or not). But because I’m seated at the window, …

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Press Release Spam

PR Spam: Are you Naughty or Nice?

// December 11, 2013 // Public Relations // Comments Off

New York Times consumer reporter David Segal, aka The Haggler, usually tackles topics related to downtrodden consumers looking for help with travel scams, dishonest warranties, and inept customer service. So why was the PR industry the focus of a recent Haggler column? How Public Relations Spam Can Backfire The Haggler was getting inundated with PR pitches so completely out of line with what he writes about that he decided to turn to himself, the fixer, to right this wrong. He …

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