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Is NBC the New Netflix?

By now everyone knows that binge viewing is defined as ice cream eating, wine drinkers who lock it down for at least three hours of non-stop episode viewing of multiple episodes of a single television show.... read more

How An Open Office Slows You Down

It’s a gorgeous day. You and Channing Tatum are sharing an XL tub of Häagen Dazs. The chemistry is off the charts—you are enraptured. As you laugh a bit too hard at Channing’s off-color jokes, a grating, mechanical noise grows in the background.... read more

Timing is everything: Why Netflix granted early release for Orange Is the New Black

The inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary got an early release – for the third season of Orange Is the New Black, that is.... read more

Trash, recycling and artful inspiration at Sustainable Brands 2015

Really. When you have a ballroom full of people whose jobs contain the word sustainable in the title, there is going to be quite a lot of focus on what’s wrong with the planet and what they are all doing (and the rest of us should be doing) to fix it.... read more

And now, little man, I give the watch to you

Did you get an Apple Watch yet? I didn’t, and likely won’t. And no, I’m not some technophobe or Apple-hater. Rather, I started WPP’s first Internet of Things agency. I am a designer, hacker and tech enthusiast. I even have an iPhone.... read more

On Courage and Censorship

We’ve all censored ourselves before. It’s a gut-check we do before speaking or hitting send; it’s playing the doormat, the red-faced bottle of rage, the hesitant one. You know self-censorship by the indigestion it causes.... read more

Why You Should Consider Twitter Advertising

For small to medium-sized businesses, carving out money for social media marketing can be scary. But what if you had the opportunity to talk to your customers on a platform where they are already spending time? I’m talking about Twitter.... read more

The Power of Truth

In the fresh autumn chill of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I recently participated in a meaningful team building exercise with several colleagues from i.d.e.a. The experience was a profound reminder of the... read more

Production Geekery: The Freefly MoVI

Here at FortyOneTwenty, we love telling stories. Stories are what drive our passion for this craft.... read more


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