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PR Girls Have More Fun

When I say the term “Publicist”, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Is it Samantha Jones and her printed Missioni power suits, or is it DKNY PR Girl decked head-to-toe in a chic all-black ensemble?... read more

What it takes to be a bad ass Brand Director

What does it take to be a bad ass Brand Director? This question was posed to me the other day. It’s a big question, a complex one with a myriad of interpretations. I struggled with how to answer it.... read more

90 Days at i.d.e.a.

I just had my 90-day review at i.d.e.a. As I reflect on the past three months, and as any new job goes (but especially in advertising), I must say it’s been a little nuts.... read more

We’re Looking for Fall PR/Social Media Interns!

We are looking for two fall interns to support our Reputation team with public relations and social media experience. Here’s our list of must haves:... read more

Why We’re Becoming a B Corp

You probably know that Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia walk the talkwhen it comes to environmental and social responsibility.... read more

World Cup Scores Viewers

Down the street or across the office, have you heard the rumblings of frenzied soccer fans celebrating triumphant victories or wilting in despair after surprise losses?... read more

Old Spice Looks to Their Fans to Lend a Hand

The social media landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Everyone knows that. It’s probably the most oft repeated and clichéd opening I could have chosen, but it’s true.... read more

Soap on a Rope

Eight days into my employment with i.d.e.a., I was able to experience my first real interaction with Ryan Berman, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of i.d.e.a. (a.k.a.... read more
02 Jun 2014JoshIInsightCulture


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