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How to Manage a PR/Advertising/Integrated Agency


Indra Gardiner Bowers


May 16, 2013


Public Relations

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It doesn't matter what area of specialty your shop offers, whether you only do PR or you offer an integrated suite of services, like we do at i.d.e.a., you got into the business because you love what you do. Isn't that great? To do work that you love is a gift. But somewhere along the way, you realized that it isn't all about being creative, interacting with clients and working with a talented team. You actually have a business to run. When did you have time to learn how to do that? Most agencies focus on developing their team's talents, and not teaching them how to run an agency.

This year, I am the chair of Counselors Academy, a special section of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) whose membership is comprised of agency owners and managers. We get together once a year in June for the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference to commiserate teach each other how to be outstanding managers. We cover off on topics as broad as finance, HR, new business and working toward your end game. This year, perhaps because we are in the city of Austin, we have a generous helping of creative inspiration mixed in as well.
Why You Should Attend

If you are growing your agency, thinking about moving beyond a solo practice, or struggling with the management side of owning an agency, you NEED to be in Austin on June 9-11th. Every year I come away with pages of actionable ideas and suggestions that have made me a better agency manager.
Save on Registration
As one of the Conference speakers, I can offer a registration rate of $995 for non-PRSA members (you save $255). Enter code "TEXCA13" when registering to take advantage of the promotional rate. Invest in yourself and your business by registering today for the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference.


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Dana Hughens (not verified) on Thu, 2013-05-16 19:46
Can't wait to see you there in just a few weeks!

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Eric Morgenstern (not verified) on Thu, 2013-05-16 21:19
Thanks so much, Indra, for all your great leadership for CA. See you in Austin!

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