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Beyond the Hashtag: How Memecube Increases Engagement at Conferences


Stephanie Garcia


May 10, 2013


Insight, Social Media

I don’t blame my coworkers for looking at me strangely when I came back from Gamification Summit and started talking about how cool Memecube was.

I don’t blame my coworkers for looking at me strangely when I came back from Gamification Summit and started talking about how cool Memecube was. If you've never heard of Memecube, you’d think it was some type of Rubik’s cube made up of Internet memes—although, that does sound like a really fun accessory to have on your desk. No, Memecube is even cooler than that. Let me explain...

Live Tweeting At Conferences

If you’ve attended a marketing conference within the last three years, you’re probably familiar with the standard Twitter wall. If you haven’t seen one before, it’s when organizers project tweets from the event on a monitor to spark interactions among attendees and generate more buzz online. Sometimes vendors will even hop on and host a hashtag contest to join the conversation.


Why Twitter Walls #Fail

The downside of most Twitter walls is that you can’t distinguish which tweets are coming from the session you’re in or the one down the hall, so tweets get all mixed up. For individuals unable to attend the event in person and following the hashtag instead, this can be a little annoying. And let’s not forget about spammers. As soon as a hashtag becomes a Trending Topic, it’s susceptible to porn bots and jokesters. If the event organizers aren't using a Twitter Wall platform to moderate tweets and deter bots, the conference experience takes a hit. While it’s fun to live tweet an event, network with other attendees and grow your followers, when the conference is over all of those tweets are forgotten. So how do you solve this problem? Leave it to Gabe Zichermann, CEO at the Gamification Co, and the crew at Dopamine to come up with a platform that solves this issue while injecting some fun.

Three Don'ts for Conferences

There are three things that Gabe hates about conferences:

  • Long and boring sessions,
  • Terrible boxed lunches, and
  • Poor user experience in live-tweeting at conferences

That's why GSummit has 18 minute presentations, food trucks, and Memecube.

Unfortunately, Truck Norris is only available in L.A. - maybe next year friends!

Memecube: A Conference Schedule on Steroids

Imagine an app that integrates a conference schedule with Twitter and features gaming mechanics such as points, badges, and leaderboards to drive attendee engagement. That's Memecube. Attendees can "check in" at a session, post comments, retweet comments made by other attendees and compete for rewards. The platform itself becomes a real-time feedback loop for attendees and speakers because the system can track BITES: buzz, influencers, topics, engagement, and speakers.


  • Which elements of the conference are generating the most tweets? Are people digging the venue, food trucks, sessions or vendors?


  • Which attendees are tweeting the most and how are they reacting to the information?


  • What are people talking about that's driving the most retweets?


  • Which attendees completed challenges like checking in with vendors or tweeting at least five times? As an event organizer you can reward your influencers with special opportunities like a backstage meet and greet with influencers.

By Day 2 of the conference, attendees were able to stake out who their competition was. 


On Day 3, the  Top 10 Influencers won a secret session to meet Gabe Zichermann. See anyone familiar?


  • Which speakers are tweeted about the most? This is great for event organizers because you can gauge which speaker you should invite back next year.

 Memecube tracks all of the above and keeps the bots out. And last but not least, all of the tweets are still there on Memecube. So if you decide to watch the GSummit videos online, you can still see what others had to say on the app.

Taking Memecube to the Next Level

Memecube is a pretty slick platform; however, there are a few things Dopamine can do to improve to improve the platform such as:

  • Enabling Replies: Allow attendees to respond to other attendees directly
  • Feature Photos and Videos: A lot of attendees were capturing photos and taking videos but couldn't share

If you attended the conference, what else would you recommend?

And Finally, Memecube by the Numbers

Here are the stats on what went down:


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Taavi (not verified) on Fri, 2013-05-10 11:27
Stephanie, Thanks you very much for this blog post. If always great to get any kind of feedback and especially something positive like that. We know that there is chance for improvement by adding more feature and we are constantly working on it. Taavi from @Dopamine

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