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10 Creative Business Insight Haikus


Ryan Berman


April 16, 2013



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Business Advice. You didn’t ask for it. But there really is no better way to offer it up than with the help of the seventeen syllable soliloquy.

Frankly, who doesn’t like a good haiku?

They’re poetic, punchy and most importantly, right to the point. No matter if you are on the client side or agency side, hopefully you can take a little nugget (or solace) from this list of 10 creative business insight haikus.
#10. Creative
Creative is King! 
The relationship is Queen!
Missed that? Don’t know Jack.
I always say it’s in our name and what we do best. I always hope people like us, but it’s ‘the work the work the work’ that has to be on point, progressive and innovative every time. There are no days off with the creative product. Ah, yes. This is the business we chose.
#9. Traditional
What’s Traditional?
The answer once and for all:
Boy, has the game changed. It’s for the better. It gives us more places to smartly seed messages. Since consumption is happening around every corner, now, our ideas need to, too.
#8. Relationships
Client in a bar?
Can’t laugh over a cigar?
Then you won’t get far.

You should really like who you work with anyway. The amount of hours, travel and thinking we all put into this. Life is just better when you can clink a beer or share a story with the people on the job—no matter which company signs your check.
#7. Soundtrack
If Content is gold;
Music is the leprechaun;
Yes! Double rainbow!
The shortest path to striking that emotional chord with consumers is to nail the soundtrack. There’s no better way to set the stage. If Batman is the idea/video content then Robin is the music.
#6. Choices
Why oh why, we ask?
Choose safe. Choose peril.
Two sides to this insight:  First, just because you have your brand on Facebook doesn’t mean you have the ideas to thrive on Facebook. Don’t get caught simply checking-the-box with the mediums you choose. Second, when it comes to the creative overall, be careful not to get stuck in the sea of sameness. Be vigilant not to pick the safe choices. My experience is that ideas that barely tip toe north of safe in concept mode lose their luster in execution. Playing defense only gets you so far.
#5. Success
Secret to success?
Sense the future yesterday!
Clairvoyance, you gift!
The best thinkers in our business have this six sense. Similar to athletes, they have the ability to visualize the chess game that follows once they put an idea in motion. Being able to play out the outcomes before they happen can calm your clients and also help you in the pitch room.
#4. Referral
Winning New Business,
Is Being in the Business,
Of Bloomed Old Business.
Take care of what’s in front of you and the rest will take care of itself. If CMO’s leave on average every two years and they like what you did for them, it’s inevitable that, when the time is right, your phone will ring.

#3. Sound Bite
Behold! The noisy!
This sound bite generation.
Get above it all.
Make it easy for people to remember your stuff.  Like movies, people like to quote the ‘above the noise’, ad-driven sound bites. If you listen closely, every few weeks you’ll hear someone say, "Can You Hear Me Now" (Verizon), ‘That Was Easy" (Staples), "I’m Lovin’ It "(McDonald’s) or "Here We Go" (Bud Light).
#2. Answering the Why
The Pearl Ain’t ‘The What’.
Only way the shell opens?
By cracking ‘The Why’.
Exceptional ‘What's’ are the outcomes of unprecedented, emotional and insightful ‘Why's’. Why are Boomers, who now have a bonus round of 30 more years, reimagining their lives and taking more risks?  Why do half of 18-34’s believe they’re destined to be the next Mark Zuckerberg while the other half feel like they’ll be stuck living at home with their parents? Why are women business owners in an unprecedented ‘no fear’ mode regarding their outlook on business in general for 2013?  Dig out the ‘why’s’ so your teams can unearth better ‘what’s’.
#1. Partner
Solving a Problem;
That Was The Wrong Problem, Ain’t…
Solving a Problem.
It’s a scary reality. When you hear agencies say things like we strive to be your ‘partner’ vs a ‘vendor’, it’s to combat these types of potential speed bumps. A healthy client/agency relationship includes tackling the tough questions together. When you get to the fork in the road, hopefully, we can be riding shot gun to help steer which way the brand car goes.

Image Source: José Feliciano Cerdeño


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Richard DeLigter (not verified) on Wed, 2013-04-17 17:26
I miss Ryan B. Why? Cause he knows how to set A pick away from ball.

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