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February 22, 2013



[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"130","attributes":{"class":"media-image size-full wp-image-19274 alignright","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"200","alt":"Man thinking about generating content for SEO"}}]]Let’s face it, blogging is not easy. The hardest part for me has been thinking of good things to write about. There are only so many different ways that you can talk about the Super Bowl Ads and when you've exhausted all options, you're just left with writer’s block.

Being an SEO guy I understand that without good content you can’t grow your rankings. That's how I ended up searching for ideas on how to generate fresh content. I found my answer when I recently watched an SEOmoz webinar on how to blog like you mean it.

The presenter, Tanner Christensen shared how he's able to generate content for his blog by being passionately curious about the topic that he is writing about. Below are the takeaways that will help you transform your passion into quality content for your blog.
Focus on answering a question

Your blog should focus on answering a single question, which will become the universal theme for your blog. The question should be something that you are curious about.

This is key, because if you are curious you will be compelled to do research to help you answer that question. If you are working on a blog that is not interesting to you (hey, it happens from time to time), try to find a unique angle that peaks your interest.

If your blog is very broad like our blog here at i.d.e.a., have a question for each category. For example the question I try to answer is "What is Digital Marketing?". To make ideation easier you can break that question into sub categories such as:

  • What is good digital marketing?
  • What does it take to do digital marketing?
  • Why should I care about digital marketing?

Your question should also be aligned with your customers and what they may be interested in. For example, if you own an organic restaurant you could talk about how to have an Eco-friendly life.
Find out what other people want to know

If you are curious about a topic, chances are other people are as well.

Go search the inter-webs to find out what other people are curious about surrounding your topic. Sites like Quora, Twitter, Popsy, and Redit are great sites to check out, you will be surprised by the questions people ask. Keep a running list of those questions as possible blog posts.
Actively seek out answers
Now that you have topics to write about, go actively seek out answers. Ask a question on Quora, set up a Google Reader account with blogs on your topic, check out books from the library. Take the insights that you gather and find a unique way to share them with your readers.

Also consider looking at books/articles that may be outdated and find a way to relate it to your topic.

For example, the book Scientific Advertising by Claud Hopkins was written in 1923, yet there are a number of themes that are relevant to digital marketing. Your readers will appreciate the effort that you went through and hopefully it will result in additional subscribers.
Add variety to the types of posts you write

Writing the same type of editorial or how-to posts gets boring over time and can demotivate you from writing. Add some spice to your blog by switching up the types of articles that you write.

This will help keep you motivated and keep your audience entertained. If you normally write how-to posts try writing a pros and cons article instead. If you need some inspiration check out this article on the 34 types of blog posts that work for

Ultimately, if you focus on answering a question that you are passionately curious about, it will motivate you to do the research which translates into insights that you can share in the form of blog posts. Your audience will appreciate this passion and will reward you with increased readership and links back to your site.

Good luck on your writing journey. If you have any questions or additional tips you want to share, please place them in the comments.

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If you have a blog, it's pretty easy to start marketing with articles because you can bounce the articles off of the content from your blog.

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