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Great Ideas Come From a Great Attitude

// February 15, 2013 // Careers, Culture, Our Thinking // Comments Off


Three phrases your team hates

  • It’s too hard
  • We can’t
  • Not possible

 Three phrases your team loves

  • Let’s do this better
  • We can
  • I’ll figure it out

 How to go from hate phrases to GREAT phases:

  • Change your attitude
  • Tap your curiosity
  • Find creativity in yourself and create a solution

You are the only barrier to not being able to achieve greatness. Too many times in this business we talk ourselves out of achieving the best end product possible.

Why? We are scared. We are lazy. We don’t care enough.

Don’t be. Failure leads to successes. Learn from it. Have courage. It’s ok to disagree. Have discourse around why. It will make your end product better.

We all have hard days. Ones where we might not be motivated to perform at our top level. Set small achievable goals and chip away at them. Find motivation in your team members and build together.

Care more. Spend your time doing quality work. Be a part of change if something isn’t working right. Otherwise find something else to do, life is too short to be miserable anyways.

Become more efficient, effective and persuasive one day at a time. Change will happen.  And don’t forget to create great ideas everyday.

    author bio

    Ryan loves to exercise his brain as much as he does his body when training for marathons. That drive to set a goal, achieve it and then do it better the next time bleeds into his brand management work. Sure, Ryan is a San Diego native. But he learned the business at Havas in San Francisco -- part of his 10 plus years in the business. Don't let his blond hair, surfing and big smile fool you. He works tirelessly for the greater good of his brand partners and internal team. He is always willing to collaborate, have healthy discourse and make the best end product possible. After all, it's a marathon out there.