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Reaching Our Utopia?

// February 1, 2013 // Branding // Comments Off

At i.d.e.a., we have dedicated ourselves to building a Brand Management Service Vision that will move People, Products, and Culture both for ourselves and our brand partners (clients). We have challenged the Brand Management team with the task of defining what constitutes outstanding Brand Management and how to implement those best practices every day. This gives you a snapshot of where we’ve landed.

People, Product and Culture

Grasp of the brand partner’s business:

  • Understand the clients’ business challenges
  • Be their greatest advocate and constructive critic

Be a productive conveyor between brand partner and agency:

  • Be the conduit between client and agency to solve these challenges with marketing solutions
  • Have strong listening skills to ensure consistent and accurate communications to the agency about brand partners’ needs and challenges

Deliver the agency in a productive way:

  • Manage brand partner expectations with proactive communications
  • Find balance between agency’s pushback and brand partner happiness

Be an effective leader:

  • Elicit trust from the agency team and the brand partner
  • Motivate the team in meeting agency goals

Sell the agency effectively:

  • Have a vested interest in the agency meeting its goals (relationships, outstanding work, profitability)
  • Strengthen efficiencies in workflow and communications with brand partner and  agency

All in such a way as to move the clients’ people, products and culture.

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    VP / Brand Management @ i.d.e.a. From across-the-pond to, now, San Diego, James has over 15 years of fully integrated experience on both agency and blue-chip brands. A strategic brand director and relationship builder, James is an energetic advocate for the best talent, the best ideas and the best cross-functional process to drive client results. A former pilot for the RAF and pro rugby player, James is not a dull boy. Chocks away!