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Facebook Graph Search Optimization for Brands

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Facebook Graph Search, is a new way to search on Facebook that allows users to search not just by name but by people, photo, places, and interests. Users can perform specific search queries that connect the dots between people in their network and information shared publicly on the social graph such as likes, interests, and activities.

For example, if I want to go to pilates this weekend and invite a few friends, I can search for “My friends that live in San Diego that like pilates.” Any of my friends that indicated in their profile that they lived in San Diego and like pilates will appear in the results.

Facebook Graph Search optimization example

I can even plan ahead on where we could go for lunch after pilates by refining my search to, “Restaurants near The Pilates Room, San Diego” and garner results for restaurants that my friends have checked-in to or are fans of.

Facebook Graph Search Optimization

Now that we understand how Graph Search can be used when it hits mainstream, it’s important that companies set aside time for Facebook Graph Search Optimization and update their Facebook Brand Pages now for maximum visibility. Below are a few tips on how you can get your Facebook Page ready for Graph Search.

Update Facebook Page Info 

Make sure details about your brand are up to date:

  • Select the appropriate group and category for your business
  • Specify up to three related sub-categories (these will appear in the page header and search results)
  • Confirm that your address is correct
  • Establish a vanity URL and list your website address
  • Allow users to tag photos posted by your company (under Manage Permissions)
  • Check that your business appears in Facebook’s Nearby tool on your smartphone

Facebook Graph Search Optimization for Businesses

Optimize Photos and Videos

Users will be able to search for photos and videos related to brands:

  • Add descriptions and locations to photos, albums, and videos
  • Tag photos with your Page name

Publish Content Directly on Facebook

After announcing Graph Search, Facebook advised businesses to share content directly on their Pages because, “Only photos and videos shared on your Page can appear as results for photo and video-related searches.”

  • Avoid publishing content on third-party plaftforms and post directly to Facebook when possible
  • Leverage Facebook’s post scheduler

Facebook Schedule Post

Strengthen Your Page Connections

Ensure that fans are interacting with your content as check-ins and likes will appear in results:

  • Employ a check-in strategy if your brand has a physical location
  • Launch a Facebook campaign to drive Page Likes

Have any other tips on how to optimize Facebook Brand Pages for Graph Search? Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below.

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