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HangTen #280: Harnessing Happiness

// April 26, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

Whether in the form of subtle contentment or intense joy, we all demand a daily dose of happiness to maintain our sanity and achieve optimum health. Luckily, a number of businesses, brands and bosses are catching on and chipping in on our quests. They’re tackling the problems and shortcomings that often hinder, and or squash, our state of happiness. Check out the epic office morale boosting tactics, or Honda giving consumers a much needed motivational shove to move towards their interests, literally. This week, we tip our caps to the brands attempting to put a little pep in our steps.

Which one of these happy go lucky concepts puts the biggest smile on your face?


10 Ford’s Pinball Promotion

Parking is a problem in Paris. So tough that when Parisians do find a spot, they squeeze in as best they can with utter disregard for others. Thankfully Ford has a solution, Active Park Assist, which they’ve promoted in a very playful way.

09 Agency Amps Up Office Moral

Ever wanted to change the song streaming in the office but haven’t had the controls? Thanks to Spotify, some creative electronic rigging and the swing of an arm, those at Agency Republic don’t have to grin and bear it anymore.

08 Honda Pleads Do, Don’t Just Pin

Honda is honing in on an outstanding oxymoron. Aligned with its CR-V campaign, which encourages people to live life to the fullest, they’re challenging active pinners to take a break and get active by going out and doing the stuff they are pinning about.

07 Note Activated Navigation

Your Music School, a vocal coaching school in Hamburg, has found a way to accelerate course enrollment through vocal engagement. Prospects who visit their site have to sing to scrolls and surf, a very creative screening process.

06 JWT Trades Time For Beer

Agency employees often cringe at the tediousness of time entry. But, as we all know, it’s essential to tracking profitability. To bribe its employees to track, JWT Brazil built a fridge full of free beer, electronically unlocked only when everyone’s time is in.

05 Mixing With Turntable Tires

Cogoo is uniting street cultures with its innovative ‘Turntable Rider.’ The bicycle sharing company has successfully built a bike complete with turntable and mixer capabilities, giving wheels, brakes and handlebars all new meaning.

04 Coca Cola Gets Cozy

While Coca Cola’s Open Happiness tagline is generic, its tactics fall far from short. In its most recent ploy to be more experiential, its urged thirsty passersby to embrace its “Hug Me” machine, awarding affection with a Coke.

03 IKEA Stuffs Big Into Small

Leave it to IKEA to blow us away with an acutely organized ad. The Swedish space-saving solutions superstore took the idea of small to a whole new level, squeezing their entire store into a 300 x 250 pixel web banner.

02 Body Branding With Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett is offering up a new and non-traditional ad space, Fred’s flesh! Fred, an employee of the agency, recently decided to get a QR code tattoo. To maximize the opportunity, the agency is tempting brands to be the first to advertise on Fred’s arm.


01 Chevy’s Crafty Collaboration

Chevy teamed up a technologically talented little Sonic with a graffiti artist to deliver the first ever robotic art car. Together they crafted an elaborate street mural, demonstrating the automakers’ agile abilities and embracing the unknown along the way.

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