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HangTen #279: The Driver’s Seat

// April 20, 2012 // Social Media // 1 Comment

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

Take control consumers. Brands are digging even deeper to further empower today’s increasingly confident consumer. Placing the public in the driver’s seat, essentially handing consumers the steering wheel and the opportunity to influence a a course of events tied to the marketing campaign. As you’ll notice, some brands are taking this technique literally, like Smart Car who heads up the list at number ten with its fantastic gaming approach to test-driving. There are a few outliers in the mix, brands who aren’t instigating control this week, but their efforts are just too marvelous to miss.

Which brands do you think take the cake with consumer control this week?


10 Motorized Ping Pong

Consumers probably don’t put electric cars in the fun category. So to merge the two, Smart Car introduced Eball, the first ever computer game test drive event, using cars as controllers. The ping pong-esque game proved to be quite the buzz generator.

09 TNT’s Terrific Temptation

Gearing up for their upcoming launch in Belgium, TNT injected a little drama into the lives of the Flemish. With the simple push of a button by a tempted passerby, an entire mini drama unfolded on the streets, captivating the crowd and going viral.

08 ASICS Plays Devil’s Advocate

ASICS is taking transparency to a whole new level. To demonstrate just how fantastic the footwear features are, they’ve released videos testing products in unconventional ways, a clear indicator of their commitment to innovation.

07 Headlight Activated Headline

Billboards lose their effect at night, which isn’t good for brands that are looking to maximize on late night cravings. McDonald’s, however, has come up with a very unique solution, a billboard that reflects “Open all night” when headlights pass by after dark.

06 Livening Up Literature Sharing

To get readers excited about their upcoming book exchange, Colsubsidio crafted a “Come with a story and leave with another” campaign. They mixed well known book characters together in three separate visuals, challenging readers to guess who.

05 LEGO Plays Out 2012

Time to put on your party hat and celebrate 50 years with LEGO. They’re calling on consumers to join in for the Festival of Play, a nine-month integrated campaign rounding out 2012 with digital, social and experiential events.

04 Heineken Has You Covered

During the long hot days of Coachella many festival-goers want nothing more than to enjoy their beer cold, often hard to accomplish in the great outdoors. Enter Heineken with their Cold Storage Room, providing a safe and satisfying solution for the masses.

03 “Like” Comes To Life

How great would it be to have a hands-free, no smartphone necessary way to “like” in real life? Thanks to Deeplocal and their “Likebelt,” this may be in our future. The wearable NFC technology needs some fine tuning, but it’s an exciting start.

02 Free Falling Refreshment

Mountain Dew recently sent a man flying into an anticipated, yet shocking collision with a giant Dew filled balloon. The explosive burst on impact was a successful setup for the soft drink company, driving home its ability to “charge” with adrenaline junkies.


01 Time Traveling With Tipp-Ex

Tipp-Ex’s hunter and bear are at it again with an interactive sequel to “Hunter Shoots A Bear.” This time around the co-stars are on much friendlier terms, celebrating a birthday in fact. But when a potential disaster presents itself, they turn to the viewer to rewrite history.

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