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5 Things to Remember When Launching a New Brand

// April 16, 2012 // Our Thinking, Public Relations // Comments Off

We recently launched a new brand – our own. So we drank the Koolaid and launched ourselves, taking into consideration the various marketing elements, strategies and tactics we would for a client. Here are five key things to take into consideration when introducing a new brand.

1. Treat yourself like a client

When you are launching a company and that company is your own it’s easy to cut corners or skip steps. But you wouldn’t do that for a client so why would you do it to yourself? Treat yourself like a client by holding planning and strategy meetings with the appropriate people, develop a timeline and stick to it, set a budget and track accordingly. The end product and result will be worth it. 

2. One chance for a first impression

You get one chance to come out to the world so make sure you’ve tended to every detail and are truly ready for your coming out. Yes this may mean the paint is still drying and no one has slept in days, but you have one chance at a first impression so you’ve got to make it right.

3. Timing is everything

Is the announcement release final? Has your email list been vetted? Are your spokespeople prepped and ready? Have you triple checked that the new website is working? Does your team know what their key message points and responsibilities are?

The list goes on. The key here is making sure everyone in the company is crystal clear on expectations, deliverables and timing. If someone tweets too soon, you can blow a media opportunity. If the website has broken links or is giving off error messages you’ve lost a potential new client or lead.

4. All hands on deck

This means late nights and early mornings. For everyone. And even if individuals in the company don’t have deliverables attached to the launch, they will still be helping out by maintaining the rest of the work flow, encouraging the team and even doing late night or early morning coffee runs. The most thorough timelines and planning will still inevitably lead to last minute scrambling, tweaks and changes. Be prepared and be nimble by having everyone on high alert.

5. Internal audiences

Share the news to the world before you’ve alerted your internal audiences and you’ll have a mess on your hands. It’s important to identify a list of people or groups that should learn of the news first hand and in advance. This could be boards of directors, donors, members, clients, civic leaders, etc. depending on the business you’re in.

And as soon as you’ve had you’re coming out to the world, the work really begins. Have a plan in place to maintain momentum so you can stay relevant.

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