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HangTen #278: The Power Of A Crowd

// April 12, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

What can a crowd do for you? Columnist Mark Shields hit the nail on the head when he said “There is always strength in numbers.” Involving the masses can bring about robust results, and just about every one of the chosen HangTen reads this week are playing this numbers game. Whether brands are using crowds as idea generators, message vehicles, or simply an audience, their strength in numbers always accelerates awareness.

Which brand do you think approached the power of a crowd most creatively?


10 Tic Tac Takes On Mobbing

The minty candy maker used the power of flash mobbing to ignite paranoia in France. They targeted unsuspecting bystanders, leaving them puzzled when the masses around them fainted from what seemed to be their bad breath.

09 HendrixStudio’s Shower Showcase

HendrixStudio’s customers want to be rock stars, but the process of rehearsing can sometimes be draining and uninspiring. Enter the HendrixLiveShower, a cure for tiredness and dream deprivation by bringing a mic and crowd into the shower.

08 Ghosts Scare Speeders

Ukraine has the highest pedestrian collision percentage in Eastern Europe. So, with help from JWT they created the Pedestrian Ghost, which fostered a widespread discussion about speeding and pedestrian safety, as well as a rapid rise in free PR.

07 McDonald’s Train Timetable

Travel time can be short or lengthy, sometimes you’re hurrying, other times waiting. To place itself top-of-mind for Warsaw train travelers, McDonald’s made its way onto the train terminal timetable, offering menu suggestions based on the clock.

06 Harley-Davidson For The Ladies

It’s no secret that Harley-Davidson’s image is not a feminine one. To demonstrate support for passionate female riders it launched the Buzz Wall, a place where women can share and inspire others to “grab life by the handlebars.”

05 A Crowdsourced Citroën

Citroën created a Facebook app that allows users to assist in the design of what will be the UK’s first ever crowdsourced vehicle, the C1 Connexion. A very creative public engagement concept from the car manufacturer.

04 Battle Of The Beer Billboards

While we’ve seen billboard wars before, this one quickly captured our attention with its extra harsh mockery. Stella Artois was the target, taking a hit with Newcastle Beer’s “Who uses the word ‘Chalice’?”

03 Pleasure Hunting Meets Gaming

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 just entered into the online advergame market, the brand’s second round in this space. Participates are sent running through New York City, soaring the skies above Paris, and surfing Rio De Janeiro’s waves.

02 War Child’s Weapon Release

War Child came up with an inspiring delivery method for their message that kids should be kids, not soldiers. They built a tank out of balloons and asked the public to show their support by abundantly tweeting, resulting in dissolution of the tank.


01 Nokia, Nicki & NYC

Nokia never seems to disappoint when it comes to massive media and stardom support. To introduce the new Lumina 900 phone, Nokia took over Times Square with the help of Nicki Minaj, amping up and sharing the spotlight with the crowd.

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