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HangTen #277: Never Been Seen Before

// April 5, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

Out with the old, in with the new and never seen before. Quite a few examples of this have cropped up around the world this past week. From the seemingly simple but hugely successful advertising breakthrough on Pinterest by Kotex, to the first ever floating theater, crafted for the debut of a film festival in Thailand. Brands are bolstering their efforts to stand apart from the crowd by owning the title of “first ever”. While not all of the stories below fall into this innovative and captivating category, most do. Whether adopting a new platform, engagement strategy, or product, these brands are getting our praise for moving their ideas into new spaces.

Which “never been seen before” do you find most innovative?



10 Kotex Kick Starts Pinterest

Fifty “inspiring” women were selected by Smoyz, an Israeli creative advertising agency, to be a part of Kotex’s new campaign, the first of its kind on Pinterest. While the new social network is all the craze, many brands haven’t quite figured out how to use it to its full potential. Kotex has set the bar high and people are buzzing about it.

09 Humanized Special Effects

To promote their first two-SIM-card smartphone, the Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung took 3-D projection mapping in a totally new direction. Instead of using the effects to make an individual appear somewhere they are not, Samsung transposed the effects directly on to a human face, making them appear to be someone they are not.

08 A Simple Push For Pizza

Red Tomato Pizza just made it as simple as possible for pizza lovers to satisfy their cravings. With just one push of a button, the VIP Refrigerator Magnet button to be exact, customers are able to order a pizza. The magnet is synced to the Internet so all customers need to do is preset their order online and the hot button is ready to roar.

07 Mad Men Meets Nintendo

In preparation for the much anticipated fifth season of Mad Men, The Fine Brothers mixed nostalgia with chic to create an interactive 8-bit-style YouTube game. Players were given the reigns to determine Don Draper’s actions, a choose-your-own-future approach resulting in three different possible outcomes depending on their selections.

06 Toyota Teams Up To Go Green

Toyota and the National Audubon Society have come together to form a conservation alliance, TogetherGreen. To foster engagement they’ve introduced the “Spring Green Challenge” app where fans are encourgaged to participate in weekly challenges. Depending on their level of impact, they’re rewarded with motivating factoids and prizes.

05 Stellar Soda Pop Pavilion

London architects Pernilla & Asif landed an awesome opportunity to design the Coca-Cola pavilion for the London 2012 Olympic park. The so called “Coca-Cola Beatbox” was designed to be interactive and generate music, allowing visitors to create their own remixes of Mark Ronson’s Olympic songs.

04 Sugary Sharing By Streets

In an effort to share the power of happiness, Streets ice cream launched the “Share Happy” campaign. Those passing by were lured into a playful pop-up where 360 degree rotating video was taken of them energized, excited and enjoying their ice cream. The videos were then placed on YouTube, allowing for easy sharing.

03 Films That Float

A new film festival has come to Thailand and it’s making a very grand entrance. The festival is called Film on the Rocks Yao Noi and not only are they bringing the cinematic experience outdoors, they’re taking it off land. A floating cinema was constructed in utter paradise, nestled amongst island rocks and jungle plants in a shallow lagoon.

02 Google Is Driving Blind

Google has been hard at work to develop the first ever computer-controlled, self-driving car. To give us a taste of their progress, they reached out to the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center, Steve Mahan, who has lost 95 percent of his vision. The car took Mahan for a spin around town, all captured on YouTube.

01 Intel Explores Experiential

Enter Intel’s new Ultrabook, a new rival for the Apple Macbook. In an effort to generate awareness worldwide, Intel setup social experiments, tempting people to get excited and do something out of the ordinary to win an Ultrabook. The masses were in fact tempted, making for some pretty entertaining videos.

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