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Key Takeaways from OMMA Global in SF

// March 26, 2012 // Advertising, Branding, Digital, Social Media // 1 Comment

Conferences that promote integration and networking are awesome. Especially free ones. Thank you OMMA for giving back to the industry. Loved the lounge areas where you could plug in all your devices (Laptop, pocket computer – iPhone, and iPad). Was able to take notes, stay charged up, and surf the digital sphere of awesomeness while speakers gave examples and case studies.  Talk about mulit-channel and screen usage. Fun to watch the Tweet wall chatter and comments while speakers either hit the mark or missed it. Truly living up to all the marketing speak we hear daily in our jobs about the consumer moving quickly, driving conversation and really pushing a two-way conversation. Great to see activation in play by the professionals driving the strategy behind the curtain, and walking the walk.

SF always re-energizes and inspires me.  It was good to see all my old colleagues and industry peeps. It also reminds me how thankful I am to live in San Diego. It is cold there and ALLways sunny here.

1. Storytelling is alive and well.

It is not only alive, it is the center of attention right now. We as an industry are going back to the core. Like our name says, it is all in the i.d.e.a. Create a brand experience and utilize all the tools available to you to reach the end client – the consumer.

2. Digital is everything.

We all communicate on some level using technology. Full service creative groups are great at using data + listening to develop insight. We come up with creative solutions that clients usually have a hard time doing themselves. Treat all your employees as technologist. Keep your eye on “groundbreaking”. Creative groups need to be the beacons for new trends and tech evolution.

3. Social Advertising is here and big.

Forget just focusing on inbound only techniques. Advertising still works. It always has. It is the push media that builds awareness of a product and brand. Support it with all the tools available to build community and drive word of mouth. Facebook ads make up one quarter of all online impressions.

4. Move away from hyper-fragmentation in digital.

Social media is not a department. It is a strategy group that looks across all platforms and sits within every strategy.

5. YouTube is innovation.

Viral is not a strategy. Build an audience. Build your brand. Then utilize the new tools available to drive entertainment. Brands are the new publishers and content creators online. YouTube is going from a 1:1 model to a playlist model. They are moving away from views and toward watch time. It’s about creating a better user experience and engaging the audiences for a longer period of time. Check out the Obama channel to see how brands can customize, and Lowe’s for an example of great playlists and use in the mobile “how to” space. YouTube is going to dominate search strategies and brand growth this year. Pay attention.

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    1. Hi Ryan… thanks for the conference report…love the notes! Hope all is well. btw, idea = awesome brand concept!