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HangTen #275: Making & History Innovated

// March 20, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

History and heritage are the trendy topics for this week’s round-up. Surprising? Probably to most. Let’s face it, when we hear those words the past comes to mind, and the past definitely doesn’t spell new, cutting-edge trends. But, what we must remember is that history isn’t just about the past, it’s played out each and every day. So let’s break down those mind barriers and take a look at how brands are striving to make history in the now. There are a few links in the line-up who don’t quite fit into that mold, who aren’t making history, but they sure are embracing it. Whether creating it through innovation or invention, or using it to teach and share, history is truly a tool to stay on top of.

With a fresh perspective, the revelation of history’s place in our day-to-day, how are you going to think outside the box and make a mark of your own?

10 Screenagers Take Flight

Video gamers are drooling over the recent release of the AR Drone, a four-propeller helicopter controlled by the user’s smartphone. It’s the first of its kind, worldwide, and is hitting a sweet spot among its primary target, screen savvy teenagers. To properly launch this flying video game, Tokyo agency Beacon created a smartphone-controlled flying banner ad, giving viewers a taste of what’s to be expected.

09 Doritos’ Larger Than Life Launch

Like product, like promotion. Doritos didn’t disappoint at SXSW when it unveiled its new Jacked tortilla chips, which are giant compared to its fellow Doritos chip-mates at 40 percent larger.  Have you ever seen a vending machine measuring 56 feet tall, giant quarters and all? Or better yet, one that doubles as a stage? Check. Check. Way to make a powerful presence Doritos.

08 Google Looks To The Legends

You may not realize it, but Google’s primary business is advertising. To tap into that core, Google recently dove into experimenting with documentary, a taste of which was revealed at SXSW. Project Re:Brief plays homage to some of the legends in the ad industry, giving them an opportunity to re-image their concepts and executions with today’s digital tools at hand.

07 A New Advertising Cat-egory

Apparently cats are the new creative. Some of you may remember the integrated “Pink Ponies” campaign created by john st. back in 2010. If not, you’ll get a chance to refresh yourself now. What they created captured widespread industry attention. Now, much to the industry’s pleasure, they’ve taken their antics to new heights with the birth of cat advertising and the world’s first “Catvertising” agency.

06 Pizza, Creatively Crowdsourced

Eating often takes place in a social setting, and pizza is a very sharable food, so Dominos Australia was smart to create the world’s first Social Pizza. The promotion kicked off on Facebook where community members were asked to vote for their favorite crust, sauce and toppings. The campaign resulted in creatively crowdsourced pizzas featured on Dominos’ menu, fan generated names and all.

05 No Nose Necessary

Finding a fragrance on Facebook sounds impossible. How would you choose one without smelling it? Ralph Lauren is taking a stab at this by launching “The Life In Color Quiz,” a Facebook app that reveals your perfect fragrance based on your personality, saving you from the over-exposure that often comes with the searching process. Four questions is all it takes to determine which of the four new colorful and energetic scents is best for you.

04 Honing In On Heritage

In an effort to educate consumers about their Belgian heritage, and to express their gratitude for being brand loyal, Stella Artois created ‘Chalice Factory,’ a virtual tour with customization and sweepstakes opportunities. This is a perfect example of a brand embracing and promoting through its heritage. Alice, the virtual guide, communicates directly with tour-goers, aiding them in the process of crafting their own chalice.

03 A Viral Victory For Causes + A Cause for Concern

There is a new leader in the world of viral videos, both by cause and controversy. Invisible Children, Inc. created Kony 2012 for the promotion of “Stop Kony.” The video logged over 82 million views on YouTube in only one short week. This record breaker clearly captivated culture-makers by pulling on their heartstrings. Almost equally as viral was the co-founder’s recent breakdown, also captured on film. We applaud the way Invisible Children responded to the potentially campaign tarnishing bump in the road, but it goes to show you, your reputation strategy needs to be on par with your creative tactics.

02 Friskies’ Feline Friendly Game

Cat owners rejoice. Your iPad purchase not only benefits you, it’ll capture your cat’s attention too. Friskies has created the first ever cross-species iPad game, You vs. Cat. It is essentially like air hockey with the cat playing goalie. Friskies has created iPad games for cats before, but this is the first one that gets both you and your feline interacting at the same time. What’s next I wonder?

01 Strut Your Avatar On Social

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, countries are looking for ways to get their teams pumped. Cadbury UK launched a social approach via Facebook, calling on its community members to support the British athletes by joining a virtual parade. Individuals who join are asked to create their own customizable avatar and entered into a drawing to win tickets. A pretty snazzy approach, giving fans their first virtual walk within the social realm.


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