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Pinteresting Changes and Thoughts

// March 14, 2012 // Our Thinking, Social Media // Comments Off

Yesterday Ben Silbermann the founder of Pinterest revealed some upcoming changes and plans for the platform during a Q&A session at SXSW. The channel has been under fire in the past few weeks due to copyright concerns and Ben himself has been addressing the apprehension head on stating that Pinterest follows DMCA down to the letter – he has even called bloggers directly who have voiced their concerns about the platform, asking for their feedback. Personally, I believe that so long as Ben is in charge, Pinterest as a channel will have good intentions and the company will do their best to allow users to share what they love and inspire one another. Which is exactly what they are promoting with the following changes.

Very soon to roll out “more beautiful” profiles

Awesome. I want to see how visually delightful my boards can be, and I am sure other passionate pinners feel the same.

Creating a feature to see who influences who in the pin-o-sphere

This is great news for brands that want to work with pinners, and likewise for pinners and bloggers who constantly try to justify and position themselves as influencers in the digital realm.

Ability to find others who you should follow based on your “pinterests”

Currently, it is difficult to find even your own friends on Pinterest and pinners get stuck within their own social circle. This will encourage users to explore outside of their Facebook friend list.

Pinterest is working with video providers

Video first, animated GIFs to follow thereafter. Pinterest cannot ignore the love Tumblr users have for animated GIFs and cinemagraphs, I personally cannot wait to see movement in my pins.

iPad app on the way

I know a few ladies in this office who will rejoice as we’ve had more than a few heated conversations on the Pinterest iPad experience. This is also great news for brands and social commerce, as users continue to use their tablets to browse and spend from the convenience of their couch.

Public API coming soon

HUGE for brands. Depending on what level of interaction Pinterest allows developers to use, you can create your own Pinterest experiences for fans such as unique contests and campaigns, and potentially pull in a brand’s Pinterest feed to their website.

Ben said it all, explaining the structure of operations at Pinterest being focused in Engineering, Design and Social functions, and at its core is the intention for quality in the overall experience and product itself. It is obvious Pinterest is open to feedback, and whether or not you agree with copyright concerns, you cannot ignore that the platform will continue to grow, evolve and inspire users one board at a time. Brands will be able to use the channel more proactively, but I think Pinterest will continue to put the user’s experience first.

Think Pinterest is here for the long haul?

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