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HangTen #274 Creating Competition with your Brand’s Marketing Campaign

// March 13, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

Challenges. We all face them. In some cases a challenge offers up an exciting invitation to engage. In other instances it refers to less desirable circumstances. Either way, “challenges” seemed to be the common theme in this week’s HangTen issue. At i.d.e.a. we construct creative ways to combat undesirable challenges, ultimately alleviating our clients‘ and consumers’ strain, as well as developing alluring content to ignite awareness. In this increasingly interactive climate, challenges clearly are a huge part of the biz!

Out of this week’s line-up, who do you think had the best “challenge” tactic?


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10 Invisible On Wheels

How do you show zero? Mercedes knows. With the release of their new F-Cell hydrogen car, Mercedes took a visually “invisible” approach to demonstrate its positive, environmentally responsible effect – zero emissions.

9 Tweeting To Aid Americans

The American Red Cross and Dell teamed up to utilize social media to save lives. When disasters arise, aid is needed fast and in abundance. What better space than online communities to offer a rapid fire response?

8 Step Inside For Outdoor

Mega brand Mickey Dees hit the mark with the company’s most recent advertising approach for interacting with consumers in Paris. To engage, they took the fun, interactive concept of a photo booth to the streets, allowing participants to debut on screen and build experiences with the brand.

7 The Scoring Sentence

Limitations can be rewarding. Both Twitter and Scrabble are experts in keeping it short, so no surprise that the two have partnered up to bring about a little competition. Introducing TwitterScrabble, for those who love to make a lot out of a little.

6 Positivity Positioned In São Paulo

Boa Mistura, a Spanish art collective, painted a pretty picture in Brazil. Their mission was simple, to increase positivity, but their execution was complex. Who would have thought you could create so much illusion with one simple ingredient?

5 Reaping The Benefit Of Reputations

Survival of the fittest. It’s not a new concept for those in the job market these days. Leave it to the creatives to develop a sure fire way to land interviews with their agencies of choice. Playing with reputations delivered results.

4 Road Trip Reality

Ford teamed up with NBC to marry reality with the road. Their new mini-series, Escape Routes, will star six different two-person teams, each competing in a road trip challenge behind the wheel of a new 2013 Ford Escape.

3 Taking Flight Into Space

Depending on your audience, the term education may or may not be alluring. NASA and Rovio Entertainment won’t let that get in the way of their awesome campaign. To get people pumped about physics and space exploration, they’ll be launching Angry Birds Space.

2 Powerful Peacefulness

Being the loudest doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be heard, especially in branding. In this media-cluttered world, many messages get lost in the shuffle. Stemming from that is the idea behind the power of quiet, where creativity and effectiveness flourish.

1 Refreshing Race To Tickets

Brazil’s Gol Airlines may be the people’s company in the air, but the company’s competitors were soaring past them on the web. So, to fire up the brand’s presence, they put together a little competition based on a romantic insight.

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