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The Very First Day…And Night of i.d.e.a.

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Team i.d.e.a. on their first day (night) of business at the 2012 ADDYs.

Almost 36 years to the day, my mother felt pain.

The way-back-machine throttles us back to Silver Spring, Maryland where a not-so-comfortable Linda Berman was giving birth to yours truly. It was on March 2nd where hours of intense physical strife were transformed and washed away in a single moment. Though I don’t remember the event (duh), my sense is excitement, joy and love filled the room for my family.

36 years later and a new family is now experiencing that same type of excitement, joy and love, as a united bunch of 30+ intelligent individuals have come together as the newly formed i.d.e.a. The morning of March 2nd was, indeed, a ‘double happy birthday’ for me. To celebrate my birthday and i.d.e.a.’s birthday with my new co-workers was a memorable beginning to our new venture.

By nightfall our first full day as a ‘fuller full-service’ creative group came to a close with many of our peers at the San Diego ADDYs.

Now let me preface the next statement by saying awards are a different kind of ‘results’. However, we will always enter award shows because it communicates to our team that we appreciate their energy, creativity and thinking.

On this particular night, our team took home a gold, silver and a bronze ADDY for our work on BillMyParents’ ‘Plastic Is Good’ campaign. We won a gold for our Cal Racing ‘Fun Runs Here’ interactive campaign, and received four separate bronze ADDYs for our work with Ricky Fowler and PUMA Golf.

When the night was complete, i.d.e.a. walked away with the most awards, fourteen in total. We received ten ADDYs, two of which were gold, tying us with another wonderful downtown agency, Dan Khabie’s Digitaria.

If you had a chance to see the winning work, you would see that it validates the entire concept of Fishtank and Bailey Gardiner coming together in the first place. Proving work that breaks through the noise is running rampant across multiple channels and disciplines, confirming that our ultimate client, the consumer, has changed the way they interact with our concepts. More details on that in another post. If you haven’t seen the work, check out the links below and see our thinking in action.

In all a very happy birthday to me, and a welcome to the world, i.d.e.a.

  • BillMyParents: Discover why ‘Plastic is Good
  • California Thoroughbred Racing: Take the quiz and watch the commercials to learn how to release your Inner Jockey
  • PUMA Golf: Learn how Puma is inspiring golfers to realize Joy is in Play

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    1. Fun night.  Start of something very exciting.