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Beginnings and Endings

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If you landed here by following a link posted on March 2nd you probably know what’s happening and are in the right place. If you are a regular reader of Don’t Drink The Koolaid or HangTen, you might think you’re in the wrong place. You’re not.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Great Matters, one of the very first creations of i.d.e.a.

If you missed it, Bailey Gardiner and Fishtank have joined forces to create i.d.e.a. – an integrated creative business dedicated to moving people, products and culture. In case you’re wondering…i.d.e.a means different things to different people. We’ve culled forty words that describe our various interpretations of i.d.e.a. and fit nicely depending on whether you are a brand partner, or work in any of the nine disciplines at i.d.e.a., including social, digital, creative, etc. We are challenging ourselves with big audacious goals and working our little hearts out to get there. So far it’s been a great ride – these two teams belong together and everyday reinforces that decision.

2012 was BG’s 17th year and the 7th for Fishtank. We’ve had a lot of time to figure out what we liked about our agencies, what we didn’t, what works and what we really want. So i.d.e.a. is an aspirational place to be with a big vision, rooted in experience and reality. Getting a second chance to build an agency is either an awesome opportunity for us creative entrepreneurs or completely nuts. We’ll let you know.

Our dedication to creating a blog and engaging with you has not changed. Don’t Drink the Koolaid has made more than 930 posts with nearly 3,000 comments and won numerous awards since its launch in 2007; we’re pretty hooked on developing content. Everyone loves Fishtank’s HangTen, a regular underground round up of the coolest news around innovation and marketing, so it will continue here every Thursday.  Great Matters will provide regular, meaningful and, occasionally, very opinionated posts about advertising, branding, careers, digital, experiential, public relations and social media.

We hope you are inspired to greatness in this space every week. Thanks for visiting.

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    1. Love  the new site! What does i.d.e.a. stand for?