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What we’re reading this week: Pinterest

// February 3, 2012 // Social Media // Comments Off

You may have heard a thing or two about Pinterest in the last few months. The social bookmarking site that allows brides, party planners, hoarders and marketers alike to collect and share things online is now making its way into the mainstream and causing businesses to pay attention to this oh-so-addicting thing we call pinning.

I’ve read a number of blog posts within the past week contributing to my thoughts on why consumer marketers should quickly pay attention to Pinterest. Here are a few of the best reads:

Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined

Zoe Fox published a post on Mashable this week calling out just how quickly Pinterest has grown, beating Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube in percentage of referral traffic in the month of January according to a Shareaholic study. Fox goes on to list a number of other revealing stats about referral traffic trends.

Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers

Mashable also reveals the power of Pinterest for retailers in the form of an infographic this week.  The post goes on to describe the massive growth in unique visitors Pinterest saw from September to December 2011 - the social site saw a 429 percent increase within the four month period, and also jumped 389 percent as a top traffic referral for several apparel retailers from July to December 2011. Not too shabby.

4 types of businesses that should be on Pinterest

PR Daily goes on to list other industries that can and should take advantage of Pinterest. Implementing a solid pinning strategy can be useful for not only retail, but also cause marketing, small businesses, media and even corporate brands – so long as there is a strategy and regular content in place. Let’s use TIME Magazine as an example, the media outlet showcases not only its past covers but also staff members, gift guides, style, fashion and TIME recommendations (PR people, are you thinking what I’m thinking?).

My prediction is that we will notice an influx in “strategic pinning” in 2012. Smart marketers will utilize the platform when the time and brand is right. How are you pinning?

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