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Hang Ten #251

// September 23, 2011 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Free Fix From Nokia

Sure, it’s one thing to hit up the vending machine at work to get your Doritos fix, but free gifts? That’s exactly what Nokia’s doing at the Skypark in Glasgow for the city’s Social Media Week with the help of 1000heads. Dubbed the “Nokia Gift Machine,” it allows event attendees to obtain one free gift per day.

09 Collaborative Tweeting Means Cheaper Eating

Over the next four weeks, innocent will be giving away veg pot offers and discounts a-plenty. What the discount actually is will be completely in the hands of the consumer: the more people that tweet, the cheaper you eat.

08 Facebook For Fantasy Sports Fanatics

Fantasy sports fanatics, you’re in for a treat. Fantasy sports just got a social makeover with the launch of Gamingo’s brand new Social Fantasy Sports engine. Gamingo is putting a social gaming twist, reminiscent of Zynga Poker, on fantasy sports, giving sports fans the opportunity to build their ultimate team and to compete against other gamers for virtual cash.

07 Video Game Test Driving With Focus

Ford has come up with an innovative way of boosting their social media presence with an alternative way to test drive the 2012 Ford Focus. Ford has set up an obstacle course to demonstrate the handling ability of the new Focus with drivers. What’s more, the test cars are equipped with telemetry technology, turning the data from the test drive in to a real-life computer game.

06 Stylish Starbucks Stains

It used to be that when someone accidentally spilled hot coffee on themselves at a restaurant, they went ahead and sued (with one famously being awarded $2.86 million by a jury, which was later reduced). These days, it appears that Starbucks thinks people would like to actually pay money to appear as if they’ve made a mess of themselves.

05 IKEA’s Man Cave

An IKEA store in Australia has come up with an idea to lure in retail-phobic men — it set up a man cave with video games and free hot dogs, where guys can hang out while their wives and girlfriends shop. The space looks like one of the Swedish furniture giant’s living room displays, with sports playing nonstop on flat-screen TVs. It also has a pinball machine and a foosball table.

04 Play By Play, Tweet By Tweet

Twitter has become a massive part of our viewing experience and an ever growing trend. This couldn’t be more apparent than in the world of sports where fans commentate on the match or event they’re watching. For this year’s Copa America held in Argentina, Powerade created a campaign, The Power of Football, that showed live infographic for every game played in the tournament.

03 Virtual Versa Road Tripping

Nissan launched its new 2012 Nissan Versa sedan with a new interactive social media promotion called – “My Versa Road Trip.” The website was made live this week with Facebook Connect and will allow users to create their own trips by selecting routes, picking their soundtrack and inviting three Facebook friends to come along.

02 Interactive I-Spy With McDonald’s

McDonald’s Australia has launched a new YouTube campaign called “Time To Spy” which is an extension of their latest TVC, and leverages annotations to create an interactive “I Spy” kind of game through multiple videos, and a bunch of levels, as you try to spy their famous characters.

01 ‘Hold On’ To The Force

To promote the new Star Wars “The Complete Saga” Blu-ray DVD boxset release that went on sale from Sept 16th in Japan, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan are running a very cool campaign on Tokyo’s trains. For a period the train’s railings have been transformed into life size lightsabers.

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