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RavenTools: Social Media Managing Just Got Easier

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Over the past few years, our team has grown quite comfortable (and good, if we do say so ourselves) at using social networks. We’ve implemented Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare, Whrrl, StumbleUpon and now Google+ into strategy for our client work as well as our personal brands.  We’ve worked hard to stay on top of our game as we’ve navigated our way through trends. We’ve spent countless hours strategizing and managing to make our social campaigns more successful. A big component of the strategy that goes into social networking is measuring and analyzing and if you’ve been reading our blog over the past few years, you know that we’ve been on the hunt for a social media tool that fits the needs of a growing agency. And it seems that finally we have found our perfect match with RavenTools!

RavenTools meets all our needs when it comes to managing and reporting on a social media campaign.

RavenTools Measurement:
Raven isn’t reinventing the wheel – instead, the service takes existing measurements and combines them all in one clean and simple dashboard. From this dashboard, one can view their Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Twitter followers, mentions, retweets, and YouTube views and subscribers. If you want to view actual tweets or Facebook wall posts, you can click through to drill into each specific platform.

RavenTools Management: TweetDeck, Seesmic and Hootsuite are all great ways to manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place, but Raven allows us to manage Twitter and Facebook. Instead of logging out of one account and log back into another, we can schedule (and post live) to Twitter and Facebook all from within Raven. We can monitor keywords to respond when appropriate or watch mentions of our competitors to stay on top of industry trends. Similar to a CoTweet, Raven enables multiple people to log in (with varying degrees of access) to make community management as easy as possible.

RavenTools Reports: Measurement in itself is time consuming – manually counting every @mention and carefully graphing numbers in Excel is certainly not the most efficient way to report social media stats anymore. Once Raven has access to an account, it saves the data (vs. Twitter which only saves a month’s worth of tweets) and continuously graphs the growth.

And now my favorite part – RavenTools enables companies like Bailey Gardiner to create its own report template. Instead of our social reports being branded with RavenTools logos and colors, we can create a default template where we upload the BG logo, footer, font and colors. And even more exciting than that, RavenTools allows companies to auto-send reports to clients. All you have to do is create the template, select the graphs and information to be sent to your client and every month, RavenTools will automatically send the report without the account manager needing to do a thing. I would recommend that managers log in monthly to confirm all the data is accurate and reports are helpful, but eliminating this step means we can focus more time on quality content and competitor analysis, rather than counting and graphing.

I’ve just begun my account with Raven but after only a short two weeks of using it, I am impressed  – and when it comes to social media tools, it takes a lot to impress me. I’d recommend anyone managing multiple accounts give the 30-day trial a shot. I’m almost certain you’ll have the same great experience I’m having. A+ to RavenTools for finally giving agencies what we need.

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    1. You need more explanation more photos and vedieo but your eziene is so good Thanks John Wars ,,,

    2. Good overview of Raven Tools – Our agency are also a recent user of Raven and I see it as a great way to get more work done rather than preparing reports. It gives a uniform feel to our monthly reports, whether they are SERPS reports, social media or website Analytics.