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Issue 241

// July 15, 2011 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Bacardi “Likes” To Party

Regular Springwise readers may remember our recent article on Renault’s impressive effort to convert real-world approval into online “likes”. Now, however, we’ve caught wind of an event hosted by Bacardi that attempted to do just the opposite, by creating experiences based on the online preferences of their fans.

09 Toronto Trends For Tourism

Toronto Tourism has upped its social media presence in the hopes of attracting greater interest in Toronto on the part of prospective visitors to the city. A recently launched website called Toronto Trending uses live Twitter updates and FourSquare check-ins to present an interactive view of the city at so-called street level.

08 Smart Car, Small Billboard

Big billboards and big SUV’s — they both pollute the environment. In keeping with Smart Car’s low impact on the environment, we created low impact billboards. Miniature sized street advertising that celebrates the beauty of being small.

07 3D Paper Poster Launches Band

Dry The River have been working on a 3D poster campaign with Xavier Barrade. Emerging last year, Dry The River’s pastoral vision of British songwriter captured the attention of many. However given the the flood of folk influenced material emerging from Albion, the band struggled to stand out.

06 Charitable Vending Machines Keep The Change

Coca-​Cola Japan has introduced new vending units which are collecting donations to support earthquake victims in Japan. The machines have been developed by Coca-​Cola Japan in collaboration with the Japanese Red Cross Society.

05 Interact With Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Tour

Take a wild excursion through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory via this Youtube experience created out of Ogilvy & Mather and B-Reel. The interactive video takes visitors on a chocolate-drenched ride through the factory’s various rooms, where they can experience roller-coaster like fun and headtrip on optical illusions while helping to push the brand’s chocolates through production. Check out a demo here, but it’s more fun to take a spin yourself.

04 A Good Egg For Advertising

You may have spotted Ella Valentine’s Baking Eggs on the shelves, currently being rolled out across the UK supermarkets nationwide. At £1.29 for half a dozen, they are cheaper than most branded equivalents but these are not value eggs. The brand is specifically targeting the growing trend in home baking.

03 Kraft’s Cheesy Smile Tagging

Even though several makes are attempting to rack up a lot of Facebook “Likes”, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has introduced its very own edition of the “Like” button: smile tagging. The manufacturer launched a smile tagging Web page on Facebook Tuesday. An icon on the page instructs guests to “Get the Smile Tagging button” by dragging it to their browser’s bookmarks bar.

02 First All-Electric CarShare Launches In San Diego

Car2go, a car sharing company owned by Daimler, is launching North America’s first completely all-electric car sharing program in San Diego by the end of this year. Car2go has successfully started car sharing programs in four major cities in the U.S. that include Smart Fortwo gas engine cars, but the new San Diego program will consist of 300 Smart Fortwo plug-in EVs all equipped with solar roofs that can go 84 miles per charge.

01 Monumental Hugs

In Brazil, thousands of children and teenagers are victims of sexual abuse. To raise public awareness on the issue the “True Affection” campaign has been launched. The symbol for it, a simple hug. But “Monumenta Brazil” didn’t keep it simple. They used the massive statue of Christ the Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro to create the world’s biggest hug.

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