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// May 20, 2011 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 AXE Ups Your Relationship Status

Axe has come up with a mildly amusing Facebook app for young men that generates a fake relationship-status update to make it appear as though the user is involved with hundreds of women at the same time. When friends click on the update link, it takes them to an Axe Facebook app page, where they can install the custom relationship app themselves.

09 The Evolution Of Tagging And Its Impact On Brands

Ever want to be the face of Pepsi? Like Britney shaking her tush in a multi-million dollar ad, making you an ‘exceptional earner’, and envied by your peers? Well, your time in the limelight is here, you can endorse your favorite brand on facebook. You already have, sorta, by clicking all those “Like” buttons, but we’re talking in tagging now.

08 Possibly The First Androgynous Beer

We admit, we’re totally mystified by the beer industry. Research has shown that women make up a whopping 25% of the beer market. And yet, with rare exception, brewers seem dead set on portraying themselves as testosterone in a bottle, whether it’s hilariously butch packaging or ads extolling the virtues of Swedish bikini volleyball (or, in most cases, some variation of both).

07 Baby In A Box To Prove A Point

How do you show how easy it is to help children in need? Leave a baby on the street. That’s (kind of) what Juan and his friends did as their entry into the YouTube/Cannes Young Lions contest. Because only evil humanoids could actually ignore a crying baby in a box, the effort grabs attention, and gets action. Nice.

06 The Rise Of Social Commerce

If Mark Zuckerberg had to guess, Social Commerce is the next blow up. Perhaps that explains why 1-800 Flowers teamed up with Zuckerberg’s Facebook, launching the very first Facebook Store already back in 2009. Spinback, which has just been purchased by WPP-backed Facebook Marketing outfit Buddy Media, released a great new Infographic on the growth and some success stories of Social Commerce.

05 Use GPS To Find A Beer

The Beer GPS proves that if you need to get the attention of people in a partying crowd, sometimes it’s as simple as hanging a balloon over your head. The concept works wonders on kids, and as the Brazilian beer company Antarctica found out, it works even better on adults. The Beer GPS, as sophisticated as it sounds, is in actuality just a blue arrow-shaped balloon that points downwards toward beer vendors.

04 Burger King Gains Off Your Social Status

Andrei Khashan came up with the concept for this student project. It’s a new way for brands to use people’s social networking sites to advertise and for people to receive an incentive to let them do so. The Burger King Status Trader offers a physical reward in exchange for virtual advertising space. It would work by simply downloading an app to your smartphone and signing in to your Facebook or Twitter account.

03 Range Rover “Evoques” Your Dream Car Of Choice

Range Rover ‘Evoque’ presents an interactive action-love-comedy-adventure-fantasy, where your choices affect Henry’s life and your hypothetical Range Rover. The fully narrated video begins with a wake-up call for the character, Henry, whose decisions you will be manipulating. The video does what I think is a good job in the “Players Journey”, letting you know that the objective of this promo is to control the decisions of your character.

02 Hot Wheels Attracts Adult Audience With Risky Play

We all did it as kids – grabbing one end of an impossibly long stretch of plastic track, heaving it up and attaching one end to the highest object we could find (usually a door); Creating a ramp at the other end with a carefully planned trajectory to score the longest possible airborne distance, then finally setting our favorite Hot Wheels car on a journey of no return.

01 Cardboard Campaign Swings The Vote

A campaign from Germany to influence the city hall elections in Hamburg. The street magazine Hinz&Kunzt wanted to let people know that thousands of people are homeless while at the same time millions of square meters of flats/offices are left vacant. This imbalance was addressed with a “handmade” guerilla campaign using hundreds of cardboard posters.

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