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Hang Ten #226

// April 1, 2011 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Touch The Rainbow

Skittles has some pretty funny commercials and this next one is strange in a humorous way. Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. A cute but weird kitty cat will like it. The Skittles Touch Cat commercial was made specially for online advertising.

09 Unbottle A Trip To Hong Kong

Carlsberg Sweden is on a mission to unbottle the courage that brews in all of us. Not just any courage but the kind you need in social situations. The people of Sweden are generally cautious and reserved so Akestam Holst Stockholm created a competition and social app for iPhone and Android to change all that. Their goal? To find and reward Sweden’s most courageous. 

08 Guess Who’s Social?

Two guys from the Miami Ad School recently produced an idea to help make old school games like “Guess Who” a little more relevant in todays social world… So they came up with an app idea that brings your entire Facebook friend network into one giant social game of guess who.

07 Get Stains Out Of The Fold

The new print ad for Tide is pretty cool. How do you illustrate a stain remover in a print ad? By letting the reader remove the stain himself. Some advanced folding techniques are required to make this ad work.

06 Cheesy TV Tweets

Not so long ago we reported that Kraft was getting consumers to Tweet about its Macaroni and Cheese product to get it to one of the top Twitter trends. So, three weeks later we have another unexpected news to report: the food giant shoots TV ads based on the user Tweets posted in the course of the Mac & Jinx campaign.

05 Ashley Boo’s Interactive Facebook Page

Ashley Boo’s Facebook profile may look like any other page, but it isn’t long until Ashley jumps off the page and starts dancing, screaming or headbanging. That’s because Boo is actually an interactive Facebook app inspired by last year’s successful “Hunter Shoots a Bear” YouTube campaign.

04 New App That Sees A World Of Color

I was in the Airport at JFK when I tried this app, and I enjoyed the nice engagement it provides. Color, following on the success of Instagram and a universe obsessed with instant photo sharing, completes the experience with a ton of great social features which create location-based group albums.

03 Check Your Dog Into Foursquare For Rewards

People eonjoy getting something for free. At a checkin at foursquare for example, and they do it over and over again! We catch the target group while waking the dog. And use the typical conditioning-approach, but now for the masters. The message: Check in! Snack out! Just check in the location of the billboard at foursquare and the dog food comes out of the dispenser automatically.

02 Absolute Light

Absolut Vodka decided to launch the new limited edition bottle, Absolut Glimmer, with a campaign centered on a simple question. What makes the present exceptional? Considering the artistic flavor of the Absolut brand, art and visual effects are a big part of the campaign. And because alcohol in general is known as being a conversation trigger, Facebook and Twitter were involved in the campaign.

01 Golf Speaks To You Literally

You’ve known Golf your whole life. Or have you? Now golfers can start up a dialogue with the game they love on PUMA Golf’s new website. Just login and banter with Golf. Need a tip? Ask the game. Got a take on Rickie Fowler? So does Golf. But be careful as all the different sides of golf — the peaks and valleys — may shine through in his response.

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