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The Latest Digital News From BG's Digital Team

// March 11, 2011 // Social Media // Comments Off

We have a secret.

Okay, maybe it’s not a secret but I bet most of you don’t know that Bailey Gardiner has a dedicated digital team.

Our mission? To research and share the latest technology, creative innovations and best practices in the online and mobile world. Each team member is assigned a different discipline that they research. We meet regularly to share our respective findings, listen to inspiring digital speakers and uncover the latest digital innovations that we can put to use for our clients.

It dawned on us that we were all really learning a lot and that it just wasn’t fair to keep all this great info to ourselves. This will serve as the first in a series of periodical blog posts designed to share our learning with a broader audience.

Online Advertising
Google’s is now beginning to test display advertisements highly targeted to the content of our emails and only for those already heavy in image content. Couple this with mandatory video advertising in YouTube and it’s clear that Google is getting more comfortable getting into the faces of its users.

Creative Innovations
Artist Alexandre Oudi has sparked a phenomenon on Facebook. Using the new format he has figured out how to display images in a conceptual way.

The Martin Agency and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts introduce a campaign to promote their new Picasso exhibition which uses QR codes and augmented reality in a unique way.

Local search is gaining in popularity. Google has listed how to optimize your Google Place Page and there is much content on the Internet about how to maximize review sites.  You can list your business on three major sites that will share your listing with many of the smaller ones.

A presentation from Benu Aggerwal gives great tips for making the most of Google Places and local search. Learn how to get traffic to your site as well as ideas for generating content. And last, get help with SEO competitive analysis.

Google Chrome now offers an opt out feature as an app. This will allow users to prevent certain advertisers and data companies from tracking them online.  FTC has extended its deadline for the public to submit comments on its report about online privacy from Jan 31 to Feb 18.

Breaking convention–altering the expected viewing experience–is still a popular technique for videos. Here are two examples for youtube. Sylvester Stallone’s Interview for The Expendables and Google’s Nexus X Unboxed by Ninjas.

This is big stuff in the world of LBS. I know not all of you are fans of Foursquare, but these latest changes further prove that its developers know what they are doing. The platform is really getting quite sophisticated and has grown so much from its humble beginnings as a game. Just a few days ago it launched a whole slew of changes, but the explore tab and the algorithm for recommendations is particularly intriguing.

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