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2011 Traditional Advertising Predictions

// December 13, 2010 // Advertising // 4 Comments

Every year it’s interesting to see what people’s predictions are for what is going to happen in marketing the following year. Last December, we made our predictions on what we thought would happen in 2010 in social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, pay-per-click and blogging.

Looking on to 2011, I feel there are specific things that are going to stay the same as well as things that will change when it comes to traditional advertising. Those are as follows:

Magazines - Magazines are going to continue to get smaller in size as well as in frequency, due to them increasing their efforts online. People are reading these online now instead of subscribing to the print copy. We already saw in 2010 that many magazines went from monthly to bi-monthly or even quarterly. Companies are going to continue to advertise but become more strategic with their messaging. Ads are now going to draw consumers even more to a specific website or increasingly use QR Codes. These ads need to interact directly with the reader. Placement within the publication will also become a higher priority – if there is an article about a sporting event, a company that specials in running shoes would want to be on that page, for example.

Television – As we all saw this year, more and more people are fast forwarding through commercials through the use of their DVR. According to GigaOm, 33% of American households have a DVR and use it on a regular basis. Marketers are going to increase their commercial efforts to drive people online to learn more about them. They will decrease their efforts to drive people to their website, though. Instead, they will drive people to their Facebook page or encourage them to follow them on Twitter. Consumers still want information but they want that information to be engaging and require communication directly with the company.

Radio – We are going to continue to see a decrease in actual radio commercials. The more people use their ipods or iphones to listen to music, the less people are listening to the actual radio. Also, as drivers talk on their cell phones more, via a hands-free device of course, the radio and music has become background noise. For those people that do listen to the radio, they often change to another station during a commercial. Therefore, marketing dollars will be put in to on-air promotions and contests, since these are done in between songs by the actual DJ. These drive listeners to a website where they can enter to win — giving the station more exposure, as well as providing listeners more information on your specific company.

Out-of-Home – There likely won’t bee too much change with out-of-home advertising. It is still a powerful way to reach potential consumers, if done correctly. Billboards are still informative as long as they obey the rule of eight words or less. You have to remember, the average person only has two seconds to see, read and absorb your message. Messaging will primarily be directional – Next Left Turn Right or drive people to their website/Facebook page to learn more. There will be an increase in bus shelter/train advertising due to the increase in people taking public transportation. This messaging will take on a more informational approach since people have the time to see, read and absorb this while they wait for the bus/train.

I will be curious to see at this time next year how close these predictions are. Was I close, or was I way off?

What do you think of my predictions? Do you think I am dead on when it comes to traditional advertising in 2011 or do you think I am way off?

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    1. I was having a discussion about QR codes today over lunch with a colleague. I must say that I’m excited they made the prediction list and hope that agencies and consumers alike see the potential they have. This isn’t simply a platform for ad serving its a platform for content acquisition. Consumers won’t have to read a magazine and use the QR codes for promotions…they will be able to use QR codes to access the magazine content itself!

      This is just the tip and I hope to see more exploration of technologies like this!


    2. Thanks for the comment Alex. I do agree — QR codes and where they are going is quite exciting. It will be interesting to see where they go next year. It would be pretty cool if people could access all the content of the magazine via the QR code. I guess we will have to see who is the first company to do that is in 2011…..

      Have a very happy new year!

    3. Great article. Very informative and I think you hit the nail right on the head when it comes to the future of these traditional advertising outlets.

    4. several things are unclear to me

      most people get their news in sound bites, via email, on a hand held device with no images. So what does that mean to typical web sites. Will people strictly seach for sale wording? does the QR make it through blocked picture and executables? One last thign on that = pop ups are forced to be on more and more. I do not like it and hate th sites I am forced to turn them on for my info. many people will nt down load a QR reader. will it link with out the camera shot via the hand held u see the image on?

      Social media will pull more and more people however I am willing to guess the more affluent and or the baby boomers who havent been forced to live in email will be last. How do we grab their attention when they are on the cell or not reading papers and fast forwarding. they are the majority of the customer base for various high end less intrusive advertisers.