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Four benefits of guest blogging

// December 3, 2010 // Social Media // Comments Off

This week I had the pleasure of guest blogging for the first time for the highly respected Spin Sucks. Not only was it a fun experience, it was also a great reminder of the benefits to guest blogging.

• Guest blogging allows you to reach a new audience. By guest blogging, you are exposing yourself, your agency and your blog to a whole new audience who may not know about you. This new audience can now follow your blog and other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook), hopefully growing traffic to your site.  It is also an easy way to find other like-minded people to follow on Twitter. Use TweetMeme to see who has tweeted your guest post and follow them on Twitter. It is likely they will follow you back, too.

• It builds your credibility and reputation in the industry. By guest blogging for influential blogs you are essentially positioning yourself as an expert on a topic/category. It is great for your agency’s reputation and credibility to have an expert on staff and doesn’t hurt your personal resume either.

• Back links to your blog are great for SEO. Back links have become the SEO buzzword of the moment. Getting inbound links to your blog are great for SEO, especially if you are guest blogging for a very influential blog with a large audience. Liat Weis gives some great insights on the SEO benefits of guest blogging in his post on Synergy Blog.

• Guest blogging is great practice and a great experience. Not only is guest blogging a good opportunity to continue to hone your blogging skills, but it is a chance to get some feedback from a reliable, outside source and see what kind of response you get on another blog.

I know there are many more benefits of guest blogging. Anyone have a great experience guest blogging and have an unexpected benefit?

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