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Bailey Gardiner Moving Announcement

// November 18, 2010 // Advertising, Branding, Public Relations, Social Media // 25 Comments

A little over two weeks from now, we’ll be moving to our new office space. You might have already seen our preview tour. We snapped a lot of “Before” pics. As remodeling nears completion, we’ll put up the “After” shots.

Life has been interesting in the weeks leading up to the move. A lot of us are excited about it…. some a bit more than others (as evidenced by the videos below).  Don’t forget to swing by our site to see some of the other ways we’re celebrating the move to our new neighborhood.






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    Creative/Concept. A writer by trade and a concept hunter at heart, Rich tracks down big ideas for sport and profit. When he takes off his thinking cap, Rich follows mixed martial arts and gets his boogie on at underground house music parties.


    1. Bravo! Bellisimo! Way to take a move and turn it into a humanization effort. You guys should do this kind of stuff for a living!
      .-= Jay Baer´s last blog ..Why You Need to Open the Kimono in Social Media =-.

    2. Itza billianttttttt. Bahhhhleeeesimo! Bellllla! Moon, eye, pizza pie! Etc. Nice work!

    3. These are hysterical. The image of Rich kissing the ring will live in my memory forever.

      Good effort, peeps, and remember: always lift with your back, not the legs =)
      .-= Jason´s last blog ..How to build buzz – before your product is ready =-.

    4. Great job! Smart, funny and cheesy (yes, punn intended).

    5. Great job! Smart, funny and cheesy (yes, pun intended).

    6. Glad you guys like them. To Jay’s point, it was a great opportunity to inject a little creative humanity to the standard announcement.

      And, yes Jason, I had to kiss the ring. I’m expecting everyone else to extend their hands out the next time I ask for a favor.

    7. I’ll take a 2 large pepperoni: one with thin crust and the other with cheese crust both with no onions and one with extra sauce; 1 medium all veggie but no peppers with extra garlic; 3 small: one with thin crust and all cheese; one with medium crust and all meat; and one with a thick crust with extra anchovies; 1 extra large kitchen sink; 2 calzones: one with all veggies and a white sauce; one with only extra lean meat and red sauce but no basil; 2 personal Margherita with extra extra thin crust; and 7 large strombolis with evertying; and for dessert: 1 lemoncello bread pudding; 1 kahlua Tiramisú; 7 cannoli; and 1 Panettone for good measure! To go please……

    8. LOVE these videos!!!! You all make me proud.
      Can’t wait to see the new digs.

      And, Rich…what’s up with waiting ’til the last minute to add to the preso??? :-)

    9. I love all of these. It took me awhile to pick out my favorite one. My favorite overall video is the one of Jon and Rich (Ideas). My favorite part of a video has to be Ryan (Conference Call). He gets an A+ for how much he got into character.

    10. I feel so lucky to know you people.

    11. LOVES! love, love, love!
      .-= Megan´s last blog ..Girls Night Out =-.

    12. Love these! So excited to have your entire team as our Little Italy neighbors! I promise to come join in the various wine tastings of the fabulous wine bars and restaurants up the street!

    13. The comments here are almost as fun as the announcements. But then, all of us here know that Bailey Gardiner knows how to get a party started.

      Complimenti! Amici buona fortuna!

    14. Wow (impressed!), but not shocked as I know the talent w/in those walls. Very creative/funny on all levels.
      On another note, where have I seen that red/white shirt before??? Didn’t know Ryan had those pipes….

    15. Bravo! So creative. It’s rare I laugh out loud… I laughed at every single one. You make us Italians proud! Anne Sceia Klein!!

    16. Ah…this is great fodder for my procrastination this evening!

    17. Really? Being Italian does not mean that we make pizza all day or are in the mafia. I thought perpetuating stereotypes died with “The Sopranos.” A more acurate representation of the modern Italian-American culture would have been a spoof of “Jersey Shore!” lol J/k great job guys! Welcome to the neighborhood.

    18. Love, love, love it. Congratulations!

    19. Who did you use for your PR about the move?

    20. Oh you just wait peeps – our little Italian festa has only just begun! Thanks for all the warm wishes, and please come visit us in our new digs when we get settled…
      .-= Jon´s last blog ..Bailey Gardiner Moving Announcement =-.

    21. I plan on making an appearance on Broadway.
      .-= Ryan´s last blog ..An Example of Using Integrated Marketing to Spread Information =-.

    22. I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse… we will stop by, say hello and bring our little friends. I have heard you have a nice office, it would be a shame if…. we didn’t get to see it in person. So on the day of your big move- leave the gun, take our magazine.

    23. well done and great format! Ideas video is best. Did you buy that guy lunch after shooting?