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How to Manage a Company Blog

// November 4, 2010 // Social Media // 6 Comments

So your company started a blog because you have all sorts of insightful and interesting things to say. Awesome. Now how do you go about getting that content actually written so that the blog is worth everyone’s time? Here are 10 tips to help you manage a company blog that I have compiled from managing our marketing blog for the past year.

  1. Choose a blog manager (or managers)- Ideally this is someone who is passionate about blogging and who wants the venture to be successful. They’ll be in charge of holding the bloggers accountable, editing each post, and managing the flow and schedule of all blog posts.
  2. Have a strategy - Put in writing what topics the team should be blogging about, what the goals are with the blog, who your audience is now and who they should be. By establishing all these things in writing, it will help the blog manager direct bloggers towards smart topics and to provide feedback when a post may not be quite on par with the company’s goals.
  3. Get the employees blogging – Everyone is an expert at something at your company, although not everyone may have a writing background. Encourage the non-writers to contribute in ways they feel comfortable (possibly a Vlog?) and provide them with feedback often so they can improve. Most importantly, celebrate every blogger’s success as they each become more and more comfortable with the medium.
  4. Make a schedule - Make sure the topics flow strategically and then ask the team to choose days. Then, once someone has been assigned a day, hold them accountable. Really. No one has free time just waiting to use blogging, so running out of time just can’t be an excuse. For extra accountability, try writing out who is blogging each day on the company calendar for everyone to see.
  5. Be flexible - All in all, you want blogging to be a positive experience and if bloggers are finishing posts at 2 AM, they probably aren’t enjoying the process much. For those who do have to miss a deadline (which my wonderful team never does…), work with them on ways to ensure this doesn’t happen again. It is also helpful to schedule a few extra posts per month to keep in the queue for instances like these.
  6. Measure success - Use Google Analytics to measure the success of the blog overall and for each individual post. Share with the company when blog traffic goes up for a month and which posts received the highest traffic. This will give kudos to the individual bloggers, while providing the blog manager with insight on what content is resonating the most.
  7. Set goals – There are all sorts of goals you can set for measuring blog growth, but one of the ones I have found most effective in increasing overall traffic is setting per post goals. Try giving bloggers a goal of how much traffic each individual post should receive and challenge them to reach that number each month by sharing it with their networks or by making the post searchable.
  8. Promote sharing - Teach the team how to build their individual networks based on their areas of expertise and share with them best practices on promoting blog content. This will make for more targeted viewership and takes the pressure off the blog manager.
  9. Educate often – Take advantage of staff meetings and share with the whole team best practices for SEO, blogging, writing, etc. While not every person in the company has to be an expert in these areas, you will be surprised at the people who do grasp the concepts and rise to the top as star bloggers.
  10. Find guest bloggers (and encourage guest blogging) – This will bring fresh content and a new audience to your blog. Consider asking other industry leaders, clients, vendors, or consultants to contribute and give them few brief guidelines so they know what direction to go in. If you aren’t already convinced of the value of this, Jay Baer talks about all the benefits of guest blogging in his post “Are you growing enough voices?

These are just my top ten. Any other tips you’ve found particularly helpful when managing a company blog?

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    1. Awesome post about team blogging. I have created numerous blogs for school groups or teams, but not reached traction on most of them (fail till you succeed I guess). If I had read this back then, I think using these strategies, especially having a blog manager, would have made them much more effective.

      Repositories of information like blogs, can be powerful tools for organizations that learn to use them effectively, but I think it takes making them a part of the culture, or adapting the company culture to accept them, in order to become truly effective.

      • Thanks so much Christopher! I agree, making a company blog successful means having buy-in from the entire team. So often a blog seems like a good idea, but then it’s built and companies struggle to figure out how to actually get content. Those who can’t figure out how to manage it, usually abandon it. And that just makes me sad!

        Thanks for reading and for your comment,

    2. I’ve never had to manage a group of bloggers, but I think these are awesome tips – especially the one about vlogging. :) Thanks for the link!

      P.S. Is it ok to read this blog since we drink Kool-aid regularly?

    3. I enjoyed reading through your posting. I need to say that it was the 1st article on your blog I genuinely enjoyed and in which I had a feeling of agreement, know what I mean? Must be keep the posting and I will be back once again.

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