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Hang Ten #201

// October 8, 2010 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 FCUK’s Youtique.

French Connection United Kingdom’s gunning for a little social media infamy. It was the first brand (at least, the first we knew of) to dive into ChatRoulette with a campaign targeted specifically to its drive-by lurkers. Since then, and with help from agency Poke, it’s launched Youtique. 

09 The Siberian Tiger Strikes Back.

Leo Burnett Russia created an application using augmented reality. We all know that the Siberian Tiger is becoming extinct because of poachers. In order to make this truly known and felt, the group created a tiger t-shirt with a marker of a tiger printed on the shirt. They placed special fitting rooms in trendy shops across Moscow. With a special camera, they made the wearer of the t-shirt feel how the tiger feels when it is shot. 

08 Paramount Launches Jackass.

When you have a film as unique as Jackass 3D, you want people to notice. Paramount has the right idea in their billboard/displays that show an unfortunate stunt man hitting the display after taking off from a ramp. 

07 What’s Under The Kilt?

In today’s world, where TV Commercials are less relevant due to the increased ADD-ed society, being barraged with so many commercial messages, with less and less “stickiness”, the idea of communicating brands via alternative channels are promising. Like the humble bus stop. 

06 Recycle Bins For Cars.

Car manufacturer VW wants to tell people that their new model, Polo, is produced out of 95% recyclable materials. People in Germany are used to recycle glass and paper in huge bins outdoors. The get awareness for this, they made an even bigger bin in the shape of the Polo. 

05 Mobile Art.

Started in Minneapolis just three years ago, the Artcrank show was a quick, fun way to publicize local artists by inviting them to create posters about bike culture. Since then, the concept has spread with lightning speed to cities like Portland, San Francisco, Des Moines and even London. 

04 Smirnoff’s New Mix.

Reality TV is hitting the rocks. More precisely, Smirnoff is sponsoring a new show airing on African American entertainment channel Centric, and rebroadcast on BET, called Master of the Mix. The obvious product tie-in with vodka will pit DJ against DJ in cities throughout the world in the quest to crown “The Hottest DJ in the World.”


03 Toohey’s Party-Hopping.

Clever commercial created by BMF Sydney, the TVC is set in a world of interconnected house parties and follows a regular guy’s journey to the clean crisp taste. Directed by Garth Davis via Exit Films, the TVC will be seeded online to fans today as a sneak preview to the official launch this weekend. 

02 Clown Gives Real Customers Real Play-Money.

For every person who ‘likes’ Jack on Facebook, he’ll make a nickel donation into a money jar, displayed and updated in real time on his fan page. At the conclusion of the month-long campaign, Jack will reward one lucky fan with the total amount in the jar. The grand prize will be determined by how loyal Jack’s supporters really are and the number of people they help turn into new Jack fans 

01 Sing-A-Tweet.

Here’s an idea that I think has been built on the success of the recent Old Spice campaign. Here, Orange are providing a similar version by turning Tweets into a singing tweetgram. A cute idea that will no doubt trent well, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite have the same humor and unpredictability as Old Spice. What do you think?

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