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Hang Ten #197

// September 10, 2010 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Ford Campaign Climbs To The Top.

Ford of Britain is channelling adspend for its S-MAX MPV away from outdoor ads and into an experiential campaign intended to position the model as innovative and technologic-ally advanced. 

09 Caution: Virtual Children At Play.

It sounds like an urban legend in the making: you’re driving towards a school zone, have failed to slow down, and suddenly a spectral 3-D image of a little girl chasing a ball rises up from the pavement in front of you, only to descend again to the depths after you’ve braked. 

08 Nike Sportswear’s Secret Burrito Bundle.

Nike Sportswear partnered with Portland’s Koi Fusion to celebrate Musicfest NW – and fans of both brands – by surprising them with a free jacket packaged in the form of a burrito. Followers of @nikesportswear and @koifusionpdx on Twitter received messages discussing a new menu item, the Destroyer Burrito. 

07 The Japanese Have An Eye On You.

Japan lags compared to the US and others in its use of digital signs, but is pioneering the use of displays that can identify passers-by and track their response. For example, a beverage vending machine in the train station in Tokyo is equipped with a camera and sensor that can determine a customer’s age and gender, and then recommend an appropriate drink. 

06 Amazing Race: In-The-Face.

CBS seems to have put out a viral video to promote their reality show The Amazing Race. A clip of the coming season may seem ordinary, until you see that this clip is an accident you can’t turn away from. The difference between this viral and others, is that you may actually want to show your friends! 

05 Railroad’s Welcome Wagon Is Bigger Than Life.

Now this is something really cool! Voyages-SNCF, the online booking service of the French railroads, launched a series of six internet films which show how they welcomed and said goodbye to 6 customers. With the slogan “Further than you imagined”, they created unique situations for these 6 persons. On this Youtube channel you can see the entire series. 

04 Wrinkles Be Gone With Wuttisak.

To create effective brand awareness for office workers and housewives aged between 30-60 years old, we created posters of a woman’s face with visible skin problems. These posters were hung on walls of office buildings,  beauty salons and supermarkets. When looking closely at these posters you will notice that the wrinkles are actually stickers attached to the face. 

03 Baby Carrots: The New Cool Snack.

At August’s end, we got word that Crispin Porter + Bogusky was helping the US carrot industry with a $25 million campaign to make baby carrots cool. Yes. Cool. At the time, the most we had to go on were preliminary ideas for packaging, which resemble various species of junk food (luxe, extreme, futuristic). 

02 Google Search Reads Your Mind.

You’ve probably heard about the new Google Instant Search, so here is the introduction video to help you understand exactly what instant search is, how it works and why it’s so great. And I’ll tell you what, instant it is! 

01 Tweet For Cheap.

Japanese clothes retailer Uniqlo has found a novel way of encouraging U.K. shoppers give the brand a big presence on Twitter – by reducing the price of clothing pieces every time someone sends a tweet about an item.

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