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Entertainment Check ins – here to stay?

// August 31, 2010 // Digital, Public Relations, Social Media // 1 Comment

When you’re in the business of marketing and PR you’re expected to stay up-to-date on the latest current events and pop culture trends. It’s important to create a personal brand to incorporate your own interests and recommendations, but also stay professional while doing so. It’s a fine line we walk as marketing professionals in the digital era – thankfully, there are emerging social media networks to help us do it all.

Another option for entertainment check ins

Viewers check in to entertainment on Philo

While Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all provide a common place to share your thoughts and ideas, a new group of social networking sites now offer a platform to share opinions on all of the latest entertainment trends. For those of you who don’t want your business contacts to know just how deep your love for the Real Housewives of New Jersey runs, there’s now a spot to chat for hours on end without plugging up your wall of tweets or updates. Inspired by the budding Foursquare check-in phase, sites such as GetGlue, Miso, and Philo allow viewers to share cultural experiences with their respective social networks. These sites dramatically change the way we experience entertainment – creating a shared experience with the viewer and their virtual neighbors. The largest perk of all, these sites create a place for professional people like you and me to expand our individual brand on a personal level, creating an even stronger connection with people through shared interests.

Social networks available on mobile devices

Miso allows viewers to check in via iPhone

It’s only natural to see this trend grow as social networks on mobile devices become increasingly available. According to Mashable, a recent study shows that 98 percent of iPad owners use their mobile device while watching television once a day – and I’d bet a pretty penny the same goes for non-iPad users as well.  In addition to individuals utilizing entertainment check-in sites to leverage their personal brand, television networks are also anxious to jump on board the bandwagon.  Although most networks are subtle about their ties with these sites,  some choose more obvious marketing tactics such as creating badges for shows with cult-like followings, even creating fan pages for network-specific shows. For example, Miso’s partnership with TNT rewards loyal viewers with access to their “Fan Club” that reveals inside information and additional content about the show. In the end, the large networks help drive traffic to the social networking site, while also gaining valuable market research about their viewers, including check in behavior and a minute-by-minute breakdown of engagement throughout the show. Sounds like a recipe for better television.

Similar to badges on Foursquare

GetGlue True Blood stickers

Overall, the trend to share cultural concepts online can and should be used to leverage your individual brand on a personal level. As networks continue to partner with these sites, the potential for marketing opportunities will also increase, making the entertainment check in craze a force to be reckoned with – stay tuned my friends.

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