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Hang Ten #189

// July 16, 2010 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 VW Lets You Take The Fast Lane.

Volkswagen Germany follows in the stunt-minded footsteps of its Swedish brethren with a series of installations that help to speed up everyday chores, for the Fast Lane campaign promoting the Golf GTi out of Tribal DDB Hamburg and DDB Stockholm. A slide helps commuters get downstairs faster, shopping cart skateboard mods and a sound effected elevator help pick up the pace in unexpected places. 

09 LED Lightens Up The Weather.

Thinking about turning on the news or heading to to check out the forecast? Bo-ring! Wouldn’t it be infinitely cooler if you could just glance over at a giant skyscraper illuminated by a rainbow of 72,000 LEDs to let you know whether it was going to rain or be sunny? Well that’s exactly what the Dexia Towers in Brussels do.

08 New Balance Plants A New Road.

In the spec spot, a pair of photo-real New Balance 509 sneakers jogs in super slow-mo along a high speed, time-lapsed streetscape, leaving bursts of beautiful flowers and other plant life that is in stark contrast to the gritty, New York City cobble stone street.

07 Ben & Jerry’s Augments Your Ice Cream.

As of launch time, there are four “dioramas” that come to life when you hold a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Milk & Cookies to your iPhone. The images include cage-free chickens, cows, cocoa farmers and Big Apple landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Upon collecting all four dioramas, iPhone users get a special downloadable Ben & Jerry’s mobile wallpaper. 

06 Tech School Gets Tricky.

To publicize the magic course at the Senac Technical School, an interesting automatic door was created. It features a picture of a woman who splits in half when the doors are opened.

05 Doggie Dating In The Park.

Hallmark, the Italian Sky TV channel for women, needed to annouce the presence of the famous police-dog Inspector, Rex. Micro billboards were positioned low on sidewalks (in order to be seen by dogs) which featured Rex’s female dog fans, dressed nicely and keen on bumping into him.

04 Mustafa Spices Up Twitter.

Wieden + Kennedy Portland scooped the top creative honor last month for its US TV ads for the Procter & Gamble brand, Old Spice, starring fast-talking, muscle-bound former American Football player Isiah Mustafa as a “The man your man could smell like.” It has now created more than 100 short clips featuring Mustafa in the shower and talking to a camera, but this time addressing individual Twitter users famous in the US, such as actress Alyssa Milano.

03 Canada Tourism Crosses The Digital Border.

One of the things I love about digital is how well it supports experiential marketing. Digital can drive you to the brand experience, welcome you at the desired destination and archive the activities for follow up at a later time. The Canadian Tourism Commission is on the right page with their interactive mural installations. They are meant to inspire Americans to book a Canadian vacation.

02 Street Food At Its Finest.

This creative street advertisement reminds us of the very large fridge from Sharp. This giant fridge was placed at San Miguel in Madrid, Spain to show off LG’s new combination fridge/freezer.

01 Architects Build Urban Retreat.

Such a simple but beautiful idea: Netherlands-based DUS Architects’ Unlimited Urban Woods is a single tree, centered in a simple box lined with mirrors on all four walls for that infinity effect. Step inside and you’re instantly transported from the center of Amsterdam to a peaceful forest, marred only by the sight of your mirrored clones.

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