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How To Run An Agency

// March 30, 2010 // Public Relations // 3 Comments

PRSA Counselors Academy 2010 Spring Conference

As you climb up the ranks at an advertising or PR agency you become very good at whatever it is you do for your clients – write, pitch, manage, organize events, design things. What you don’t get very good at is learning how to run an agency. How do you deal with hiring, firing, client contracts, your first pregnant employee, your first lease, payroll and making a profit? The myriad items juggled everyday by agency owners are rarely discussed. Besides, everyone’s too busy on client work to think about that stuff.

When I discovered PRSA’s Counselors Academy about five years ago, I felt like I had finally found “Agency U,” the place where I could learn all the things no one had had the time to share. The annual Spring Conference, this year in Asheville, NC, is one big share. Before we had social media sharing, we had the Spring Conference. You need to know more about new business? Perhaps managing difficult employees? What trends should you be paying attention to in the coming year? It’s all discussed in an open and honest environment, peer to peer.

AshevilleThis year, we’ve got rock stars from PR, Social Media and Leadership attending the Conference:

Brian Solis, principal of FutureWorks and author of Engage, talking about The Future of PR and Social Media

Jay Baer, Social Media consultant and author of the Convince & Convert blog, leading a PreCon to help attendees Create Smashing Social Media Strategic Plans in 7 Steps

Randy Hall, founder of 4th Gear Consulting and organizational leadership coach, helping you Lead Your Business Through the Recovery

This year’s program is aimed at the future. Roundtable topics (always my favorite part of the Conference, other than the eating and drinking parts) include such subjects as Succession Planning; Building Talent Within; What’s a Social Media Community Manager?; and Agency Leadership.

If you manage or own an agency, no matter how small, and are looking for a group of peers who understand exactly what you deal with everyday, find a way to get yourself to Asheville on May 20th. There are discounts for hotel, air and early bird reg.  I’m just not sure what will leave you more inspired, the mountains in the spring or all the learning you’ll take home.

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    1. This is a must-attend event for me. The content is always top-notch and I take away at least one idea that makes the financial investment worthwhile.

      And the opportunity to spend a couple days with smart public relations agency owners and managers — priceless.

      Indra, I look forward to seeing you there.

    2. Indra, I couldn’t agree more. this will be my second year attending. It’s all about working ON your business rather than IN your business and what you say is so true, HELP!!!
      I made a lot of cuts this year and this conference is not one of them.

    3. Once you attend one, you keep coming because you get the value. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t get something out of this conference. Thanks for your comments Abbie and Lisa.