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DVR Statistics Show Promise for TV Advertising

// November 2, 2009 // Advertising // 3 Comments

Advertising Agency in San Diego blogging about TV AdvertisingA while ago, I blogged about how DVR is my best friend, and my addiction to only watching TV when I can control the pace.  Well, it seems I am not alone.  Recent Neilsen statistics  indicate that DVRs/TIVOs may not have the dire effect on television programming (and we are really talking about TV advertising here) as was once believed.  In fact, as statisticians uncover ways to measure viewership on recorded programming, the numbers show that remarkably people are still watching the commercials.

Good news for us in advertising land, since we like hearing that our work is actually being seen by TV viewers — and more importantly, that they are receiving our advertising messages.

And here’s a cool website that tracks TV viewership for all your favorite shows, with a section devoted to DVR numbers and how they predict whether your top shows will be renewed or cancelled.

Or perhaps Apple will be successful in launching it’s iTunes TV programming for $30/month.

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    1. I also just read a statistic that DVR and Tivo penetration is only 20%…

    2. But don’t you fast-forward through the commercials like most do on a DVR? I do. I think the TV advertising boys need to come up with new modes…but, please, not product placement.
      .-= Richard´s last blog ..How To DVR to Computer- Record or Transfer Shows and Movies From a DVR to a Computer =-.

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