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Hang Ten #138

// July 2, 2009 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Stella Taps Into Wii Challenge.

Every year Stella Artois organizes the World Draught Masters: A worldwide championship to reward the person who taps the perfect Stella Artois. Tapping isn’t easy, and people make a lot of mistakes.

09 Street Pianos Inspire Connectivity.

Never mind downloading free music, get out there and play it for free. This month there are 30 “street pianos” strewn around London as part of the Play Me I’m Yours and Sing London festival. All over town people are sitting down and playing a tune.

08 Nikon Poses for Red Carpet Campaign.

The location was a multiplex electronics shopping mall where various complete. Ideas were needed that could create a different brand image for Nikon D700, starting from the entrance of the mall and eventually generating actual purchases.

07 Amateur Night Features Aspiring Chefs.

If the underground restaurant known as Charlie’s Burgers departs from the norm in part through its secrecy and its constantly changing venue, Open ChefAMe is in some ways its opposite, featuring instead the creations of different aspiring chefs at each of its well-publicized monthly events. 

06 24-Hour Magazine.

Mixing a bit of DIY culture with a sense of urgency, a group of volunteer designers, writers and photographers assembled on June 27th in Belgium to produce the 24Hour Magazine – a 47-page digital publication from scratch in the course of a day. 

05 Philip Versus Conventional Advertising.

Philips is convinced of the quality and power of it’s own products, so it decide to take on any challenge for any of it’s product in a new campaign called Philips Versus. Interesting twist is that the campaign is running almost fully on Twitter (@philips_vs). 

04 Billboard Eye-tracking Technology Sees Change.

This bus stop ad, recently erected in Hamburg, Germany, changes whether or not someone’s looking at it. Using a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology, it can tell exactly when someone is checking it out. 

03 Bistro-in-a-Box.

The term “fast food” usually applies to the speed in which a frozen hunk of processed mystery ingredients mutates into a wondrously cheap and edible delight; not the rate at which a seemingly innocuous old shipping box transforms into a chic new restaurant. 

02 Zoo Art Installation Exhibits Trouble in Paradise.

Oil pumps in the penguin pen, toxic waste in the aquarium and abandoned cars in the rhino enclosure. Austrian artists Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf have turned the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna into a large-scale environmental art installation. 

01 Cinema Catalog Promotes IKEA Products.

In the context of the launch of the new IKEA catalogue they had to generate attention among young people for IKEAs latest products. How do you get maximum attention of young people? Advertise in cinemas but don’t do a standard commercial.

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