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Social media a game-changer for homebuilders

// June 19, 2009 // Social Media // Comments Off

I’m just returning home from speaking at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, where I led a presentation on social media marketing for the homebuilding community.  And although I was there to teach along with Jason Baer and Lora Heramb, I was also there to learn.  And I learned a great deal about where homebuilder marketing is headed.

socialmediaforhomebuilders.jpgHappily, I can report that the homebuilding community is wholeheartedly embracing the new world order.  Everyone I talked with understands that as the economy sparks back to life (and it is) and homes start selling again (and they are) that it will not be business as usual in homebuilder marketing.  I keep saying this economic downturn has been a game changer, and it every sense of the phrase, it has.

Homebuilders will not return en masse to the newspapers where they dropped thousands — if not millions — of dollars in advertising over the past many years.  Print advertising will not go away, but it will become much more targeted, more selective.  Broadcast media will experience the same new order – when the dollars do come back from builders, those now-savvy marketing directors will be asking about TV and radio station’s websites, email databases and other forms of online marketing tools.  Behavioral online advertising, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and e-marketing are the stuff of strategic marketing discussion now.

This is no surprise.  All marketing executives now know the web is the place to be.  But what’s interesting is watching the homebuilding community eagerly gathering information for the upswing that is to come.  When the tide changes and the marketing dollars start to flow again, those “mature” dogs are learning some great new tricks.  They will be armed and ready.

SOOOOO cool.  Let the games begin.

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